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City Hall brokers deal to scrap controversial bidding process for $25M recreation center; proposal now calls for open bidding

I think all the naysayers just caused the city to give up a gift from Tom Fritzel.

I'm rooting for KU Endowment and Fritzel to back out of the entire deal with the city and leave them high and dry with no new recreational center, just the Rock Chalk Park for KU sports.

The city of Lawrence doesn't deserve assistance from Fritzel or anyone else. What a joke all of you are!

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Statehouse Live: Eudora woman says she will run for state insurance commissioner

Oh good, another right-wing whacko in state government; just what we need....NOT!!!
Go away Ms Gossage, your kind isn't welcome in Kansas anymore!

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Gov. Brownback says he believes a resolution can be reached between KU Med and abortion opponents

Agreed; it was worked out 40 years ago. And nothing needs to be dealt with. The training is done not by KU Med but by a third party and no procedures are done in the facility.

Go away right-wing wackos....DO NOT mess with the accreditation of my alma mater's medical training school & facility!

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Brownback: Keep state sales tax at current level, cut more income taxes; change judicial selection

Seems to me these judicial moves by gov Brownkoch are setting the stage for abortion and school voucher issues. He and his merry band of right-wing whacko buddies will certainly take Kansas to the brink of bankruptcy and frankly that may be the only way to defeat them in 2014.

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Hearings on proposals to change the way appellate judges are selected are scheduled for next week as session starts

Pro-life and pro-school voucher judges get in line over here for consideration....the rest of you can go home now.

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Roberts, Moran vote for bill avoiding fiscal cliff; Jenkins, Yoder, Pompeo, Huelskamp vote against it

Jenkins, Yoder, Pompeo, Huelskamp voted "no" because they knew the bill was going to pass even with their objections. By voting "no", they were doing nothing more than political posturing for their next re-election run. They voted for more money for themselves, more power for themselves, not some concern for our country.

We don't have a tax problem in this country, we have a serious spending problem and it will not get better under BHO. He won and will rub Congress' nose it it for more spending.

It is time for serious discussions of term limits, one term, by the people of this country, not by politicians. None of the 537 elected federal officials will ever vote to end their power and money grabs! So sad!

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2013 Preview: Conservative charge looming in next session of Kansas Legislature

This article is a factual look at only a very few pieces of the right-wing whacko agenda that will be promoted by Brownback and his minions, rtwngr.

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Republican lawmakers to choose legislative leaders

It is time for every news media outlet to stop referring to our governor as "conservative Republican Gov. Sam Brownback".

Is it much more accurate to refer to him as Right-wing Whacko Gov. Sam Brownback and his band of merry killjoys. When the tax plan doesn't work and the school financing plan doesn't work and all state services for the aged and disabled are gone, will Right-wing Whacko Gov. Sam Brownback apologize for what he did to Kansas?

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Kline lawyer wants review of research attorneys

How ironic....Phill and his attorney want to investigate possible ethics violations by research attorneys. Hey Phill! That is why we're investigating you....ethics violations! But here's the deal, Philllll, we asked you FIRST! Suck it up, take your disbarment like a man!

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County GOP under new leaders

Rea added, “I have a strong respect for the Republican Party platform. It is congruent with my faith.”

And there you have it....these right-wing whackos care nothing about proper governing, they only care about faith-based issues; abortion, school vouchers for religious schools, etc.

They will ruin not only our state, but also the Kansas Republican party most of us want and the national Republican party.

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