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Bids for South Lawrence Trafficway come in low; work may begin by mid-October

No one of any substance cares about that any more. Get over it.

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Governor: Higher education deserves to avoid cuts

It takes a special kind of stupid to make comments like the one Marc Rhoades made. I exhibits a complete lack of understanding of what makes a state great.

He, the "speaker" (if one can call him that - a title doesn't garner respect), and their right-wing whacko buddies are making such a mess of this state and our retupation, it may take a decade to repair the damage.

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Turnpike leader Johnston is leaving

Mr. Johnston has provided excellent leadership to the citizens of Kansas and the patrons of the Kansas Turnpike by providing an excellent roadway and accessories. I am quite sure Governor Brown-Koch and his minions, the leadership and members of the legislature, will raid the KTA treasury and ruin the good reputation of the KTA. Another sad chapter added to the Brown-Koch legacy.

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School district's mailing about bond issue raises eyebrows

The point is, Mr. Kent Shrack, are you for schools or against schools? Do you support education in Lawrence and Kansas or do you side with the right-wing whackos running Kansas state government, who are ruining education, health services and women's rights?

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House Speaker Merrick OK with 4 percent cut to higher education

Kansas doesn't have "state funded" higher education, it has "state aided". Merrick and Rhoades are morons just like the rest of their right-wing whacko comrades!

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Kan. lawmaker to offer alternative income tax plan

In their zeal to ignore the need for taxes to effectively run the state, these right-wing whacko idiots are willing to eliminate road and hiway repairs. I hoep each of them must drive on the bad roads on their ways to work.

Don't worry, we won't have schools or decent roads in Kansas once these knuckleheads are through!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: When snow shoveling actually makes you feel good

Excellent column; clever and witty! In all my years of either shoveling or manhandling the snow blower, I've not experienced the task with the aid of Budweiser. Evidently I have missed another fun element of life!

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Senate approves constitutional amendment to remove courts from school finance decisions

Only in Obama does more arrogance reside than in the republican members of the Kansas House and Senate!

Sen Jeff King is an idiot, just like the rest of his right wing wacko colleagues.

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Details emerge about agreements between Fritzel entity and KU on Rock Chalk Park project

Mr. Fritzel had an opportunity to help his alma mater and the city of Lawrence, who have given him so much opportunity and basis for success for many years. However, with this one scenario, he has shown his true colors and ruined his reputation and that of his families and friends who are associated with him in this play for greed!

Both the University of Kansas Endowment Association and the City of Lawrence shoud distance themselves from Mr. Fritzel immediately and forever.

February 20, 2013 at 6:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU Medical Center under the budget knife; committee removes $10 million for health education building

LG40 - You're a special kind of stupid, right?

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