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A kick in the teeth: Late FG lifts Owls past KU

Maybe now all those fools who were howling about getting rid of Turner Gill will start to realize that on a football team with 80 or so players and a dozen member coaching staff, that the head coach really doesn't have THAT big of an impact. KU has never had that great of a football team, so it's hard to attract high quality players, and as a result the KU football team will for a very long time be average to sub-par, occasionally getting lucky and going 11-1 in years when they only play one ranked opponent and the only Big XII south team they play is Baylor, then getting selected for the Orange Bowl ahead of teams that deserve it much more.

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Clinton boosts Obama in rousing convention speech

Actually, to be more accurate, what caused the financial collapse was banks knowingly making loans to unqualified borrowers, then hiding those bad loans by bundling them with good loans and selling them to another bank, who likely re-bundled them and also sold them off to another bank, then taking out insurance against the bad loans because they knew they would eventually default and that bank would get paid while the one stuck with the hot potato took the loss. And on top of that all the bad loans being circulated among the banks were stated as being worth a lot of money, so before the whole thing crashed they cashed out their assets at top dollar that they knew weren't worth the paper they were printed on. That whole process was made a lot easier by removing financial safeguards that previously prevented this kind of activity.

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Clinton boosts Obama in rousing convention speech

I bet he did pass a ton of regulations in the PATRIOT act and other post 9/11 security measures, but what caused the 2008 crisis was deregulation of the financial industry

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Lawrence city sidewalk ordinance ruled unconstitutional

I think it's clear that a municipal court has authority over municipal laws, and can cite a constitutional law, which applies to the entire country, in the reasoning of their decision. Now if they were OVERTURNING a constitutional law, that would be a different story.

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

^^One of the only truthful, reasoned posts made about the situation. You could resurrect Tom Landry or Vince Lombardi to coach KU football and they still wouldn't be that good. People who believe that the coach is the main force behind whether a team wins or loses need to realize the idea that a coach can make inspire any team to the top through fiery, passionate leadership is the stuff of TV and movies. Sure, a good coach can increase your chances of winning, but at the end of the day there are much bigger factors that determine the long-term success or failure of a program. And people need to quit acting like Mangino was a genius. Take away the fluke Orange Bowl season where we lost to the only decent team we played all year and still got a title out of the deal, and you're left with an incredibly average, if not sub-par coaching career at KU.

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This one sure felt meaningful

Taylor actually had a pretty good game up until the last five minutes or so. Early on he was making good drives (that reverse layup was sick) and taking better care of the ball. Toward the end he was trying to do too much and made some dumb plays, but to chalk up the entire loss as being due to Taylor is a very oversimplified and inaccurate way of looking at things. This whole team needs a lot of work, and they just got a lot better as a whole over the last three days.

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

It's pretty hilarious to read the constant flurry of comments surrounding KU football this season because 99% of them ignore several basic truths:

1. KU football has never been that good. Sure, they have their years (1968,1994,2008, off the top of my head) but overall a 2 win season is really not that big of a surprise from this program.

2. Mangino wasn't so much a good coach as he was in the right place at the right time. In 2008 KU had an INCREDIBLY easy schedule, lost their only game vs. a ranked opponent, and won the Orange Bowl over Virginia Tech (not exactly a traditional powerhouse) by the skin of their teeth. They were lucky that year. The following year Mangino had basically the same team and had such a bad year that he lost his job. Same coach, same players, lousy year. Seems to go against the idea that a coach can have that big an effect on the success of a team, doesn't it?...

3. And it is true that the coach in fact has much, much less influence on the success or failure of a team than people give them credit for. There are 80+ people on a college football team, and while the coach needs to be organized and have some basic understanding of strategy, the notion that one man can determine the results made by any number of athletes is absurd. The coach isn't the one playing, and the number one deciding factor in how good a team performs is talent. You can train and coach an average player as much as you want but all the training and coaching in the world isn't going to let them perform outside of their abilities. So it really doesn't matter whether you fire Turner Gill or not, the success or failure of KU football is in the quality of the players who are playing within a traditionally sub-par program.


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Historic Resources Commission blocks plans for downtown hotel

That's what I'm saying, the "appropriate design elements" are a joke. All you end up with is a bunch of buildings that have the two-dimensional feel of an amusement park setting. Historic downtown buildings are so great and interesting because they are accurate physical representations of the time they were built in, they shouldn't be the canon for all future building in Lawrence. It would be preferable to allow builders to make new buildings that reflect the innovations made in modern architecture over the last hundred years rather than wrap their new buildings in an 'old timey' facade, and doing so would not take anything away from Lawrence's historic buildings, provided we're not tearing any down to put in new buildings.

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Historic Resources Commission blocks plans for downtown hotel

The historic resources commission is such a joke. Does it really detract from the old buildings on Mass. to have a new building put in the next street over? No. Is it really that important to enforce these arbitrary guidelines so that new buildings such as the Hobbs Taylor Lofts and the 9th and NH project share a vague similarity with old buildings in the area by having a hokey, stylized facade? No.

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Town Talk: Land near Clinton State Park undergoes major tree cutting; 'graffiti wall' coming to downtown; preparing for 2,500 bikers

>>>To be clear, I'm talking about the ground level exterior wall of the garage, in the alley, that faces toward the backs of all the buildings along Mass. St., not inside the garage.

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