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Mural proposed for library wall sparks debate at City Hall

My assumption is that people might be hesitant to grant usage of a public building that is supposed to be equally accessible to all citizens to any one group, regardless of what their message or intention is.

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

They allow themselves to use KU after the full name of the university has already been used once in the article, which is consistent with AP style and how the university is quite often referred to, through many outlets and not just the Journal-World.

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

The choice of using "Kansas University" was probably made in the 1800s or early 1900s, whenever the paper was founded. You know, back when they had to physically lay out type for an article, and not just quickly shuffle things around on a computer screen. And since "Kansas University" takes up a lot less space than "University of Kansas" and still gets the point across since everyone in their readership should be incredibly familiar with the school, I suppose that's why they went with it, so that the title of this thing they have to reference in articles all the time causes less layout problems.

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Brownback administration pushes to repeal restrictions on corporate agriculture; opponents say family farms will suffer

Not sure where you're getting that information from, but I've seen figures that meat demand is increasing. Especially on the worldwide scale.

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Two Lawrence men treated for stab wounds, arrested on suspicion of aggravated battery

My best friend's parents immigrated to Chicago from El Salvador in 1980. His dad has worked at the same factory since arriving and is close to retiring, and he owns 4 rental properties in the Chicago area, not to mention owns the building his family lives in, and has four children who are born full American citizens. His mom has worked at O'Hare airport since arriving in Chicago and is also nearing retirement. They can both speak marginal English and speak Spanish a vast majority of the time because it's the language they are most familiar with and it has managed to get them by for the past 33 years. And all their kids speak fluent Spanish and English in case you were wondering. They have college degrees and productive jobs just like anyone you know, and what ignorant people like you need to realize is that more than 90% of Latin immigrants in America are like this and not like the illegal immigrant boogeyman you fear so much, and you shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions just because someone has a Hispanic last name.

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City approves $75K for glass artwork for library, $5.2 million for parking garage bids

Oh, I forgot, the amount they are putting in is actually about .4% of the total project budget, so where will my $80 be going to?

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City approves $75K for glass artwork for library, $5.2 million for parking garage bids

Who else would follow it but the city? Some other entity that allots money for public projects?

And no, it's not a law that they have to follow strictly, which is evident by the fact that they are spending LESS THAN 1% of this project on the art installation, but it is something that the city tries to do in the interest of enriching the city and community, which I think is a worthwhile effort.

If my yearly income was $19 million I would gladly give YOU $75,000 to spend on any public art installation that you would like done, but as I make much less than that the amount is obviously too much for me personally. But it's the percentage that is significant here, not the amount. So instead I will gladly offer to give you 1% of my yearly income to fund a public art project of your choice. So where shall I send my $200?

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City approves $75K for glass artwork for library, $5.2 million for parking garage bids

You guys realize that the article states the art is funded by a 1% initiative, in which 1% of a projects budget goes toward public artwork, right? And you realize that $75,000 is less than 1% of the $19 million library project budget, right? And you also realize that less than 1% of something is a tiny, tiny sliver of something, right?

Or what do I know? Maybe it's easier to ignore logic and facts, be incredibly cynical and just get pissed no matter what's happening. I'll give that a try sometime and let you know how it goes.

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Obama wins Douglas County; voter turnout down from 2008 totals

Compared to similar institutions, KU is still very inexpensive and regularly listed in the top 10 of best values among Div. I universities. The tuition hikes probably have a lot more to do with cuts in education spending at the state level by Brownback and his cronies.

Last year the Republicans in Washington wanted to double the interest rate on federal student loans, and Obama/democrats kept that from happening. So yes, they did help make school more affordable.

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Opinion: There's no worse place than the road for KU football

It's funny how everyone is so willing to give Weis a free pass - "Oh, it's only his first year, give him a chance!"- but were so eager to run Gill out of town - "He lost his first three games?! Fire the bum!!"

I agree that Weis should be given more than one season to prove himself. And in fact, I think that all coaches should be given at least four years to prove themselves. If you want to talk about building programs, you need to consider that until a coach has been in place for four years, they aren't even playing entirely with players that they recruited. It's not truly 'their' team, they're in charge of a team that someone else made.

If you want to talk about really building a football program it takes a long, long time to make a very small long-term gain. There is an infinite number of variables that contributes to the success or failure of a team, and perhaps the biggest one is the teams history: good players want to play for teams that are already proven to be good, ergo, it is hard for a traditionally bad team to attract quality players and make the jump to being a good team.

In short: anyone who thinks there is some quick fix that's going to make KU football a national contender (or that Mangino was actually doing that, for that matter) is delusional. You need to give it time, a lot of time, and quit switching coaches every two years so the team can at least form a cohesive identity.

And getting back to Turner Gill, just why is it that in this one-win season the team looks more competent than the past two seasons? Is it the posting of 20+ point losses that makes them look competent? The fact that they nearly beat a floudering, far below the usual standard Texas team this year? It might be 2012, but I strongly suspect that if Turner Gill was a fat white guy all the fans that called for his firing would have been much more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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