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Education a female-dominated profession, except at the top

I have a high level of respect for men who teach elementary school. My favorite teachers from those early years continue to be the men. Often they treated all students as equals. They faced the challenges of troubled students head on. While my female teachers were often nurturing and kind, the men made us think even at 10 years old. Many of those teachers have influenced me to seek a career in education. My 8th grade social studies teacher has been one of my major career influences. In the 8 years since, I haven't been able to tell him that. So students of both genders can benefit from teachers of both genders at any age.

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School board to begin scheduling bond-funded projects

So they're considering, say, closing Cordley completely for one or two years to get all the work done while moving the students to other buildings, or closing off parts of Cordley and opening them in stages. Honestly, there are benefits to both. If you close the school completely for a short period of time, you can get the kids into a new building much sooner. The downside is that you have to move them elsewhere for a period of time. Do the teachers move with them, or are they folded into other schools and subject to the same upheaval as when Wakarusa Valley was closed completely? And then you have closing the building in stages. This is what I dealt with for most of my elementary school years in the late 90s/early 2000s. We were without such staples as a jungle gym for several years. The divider in the new MPR that separated the cafeteria side from the gym was still not functioning properly when I moved up to middle school. On the flip side, when my middle school was being modeled, they simply added an extra wing, so they put some tarps up between the old and the new. So perhaps they will close some fully and others will be done in stages, depending on what work needs to be done. Personally I hope they are able to complete all the projects as quickly as possible, so that the students can take advantage of the improvements.

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Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years

Excuse me, I believe my out of state tuition is close to or more than what you pay in taxes. If the student body is in agreement, then of course we should be allowed to ban guns on our campus. Don't like it? Don't come to campus. If you're not a student, faculty member, parent, or alum, you have very little reason to come up here anyway. Knock on wood we haven't had an incident with gun violence while I've been a student. I commend the administration and the regents for putting the safety of students and faculty above politics. I worry for the other public buildings that will now be subject to this law, especially the schools.

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KU officials break ground on Rock Chalk Park; set goal of hosting 2014 Kansas Relays at site

Probably not until the new facilities are complete, unless KU decides to not host any home meets next outdoor season.

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Letter: Offended voter

Oh it bothers me. I'm just stating that having grown up in a post-9/11 world, I've gotten used to having to show my ID everywhere. Anybody see anything wrong with that?

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

LJWorld likes to use Kansas University. They're weird like that. They're the same thing though.

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Letter: Offended voter

Perhaps it says something about the society I've grown up in, but I had always thought that you needed to show an ID when voting even before the voter ID law was passed. I'm 21 years old and can't recall a time when I (or at least my parents) didn't need to show ID in an airport. I've had a school ID for the last 8 years. I got a passport at 14 and a learner's permit at 15. Having to show a photo ID to order a drink or when making a withdrawal at the bank has become part of my life. Even showing documentation like my birth certificate or Social Security card seems normal. I understand the LTE's hatred of Kobach, but we live in a society where proving who you are through official documents or IDs is pretty commonplace. The poll workers are just doing the job they volunteered to do. I would even show ID to my mom if she was working the polls. Chuckle about it with people you know. Unfortunately the law is the law, and your life is only worse if you don't follow it.

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School board OK's $4.1 million in projects; reorganizes administration

I'm sure they will try their best to block Facebook, but the kids are always one step ahead. They may decide to use Facebook instead of trying to block it out. One of the civics teachers at my high school used Twitter as a classroom tool. And honestly if a kid is on Facebook and not paying attention, his grade will reflect that.

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School board OK's $4.1 million in projects; reorganizes administration

I'm ok with tennis courts. Those can be used for not only the school teams, but also gym classes and community use. It's also supporting one of many sports that is often overlooked in favor of football. But of course one might consider that Rock Chalk Park is supposed to have lighted tennis courts. But Title IX and the state high school league or the conference may require new courts for facility fairness and the ability to host matches. Much like KU building a new track, FSHS could benefit from new courts by being able to host events and not face consequences for sub-par facilities.

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Construction to reduce downtown Kansas River bridges to one lane beginning Monday

A Minnesota company? Hope it wasn't the same company that was working on the 35W bridge in 2007...

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