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Loads of Hound Dogs w/ Darrell Lea -- 06/15/13 at Jackpot Music Hall

I am assuming this refers to the LONESOME HOUNDOGS, as that is the band at the Jackpot this Saturday night.

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KNEA blasts governor's task force report

When the Koch Brothers' proxies are allowed to testify, a busload of non-educators give testimony, but not a single teacher is asked to provide input, not one, it is clear that this task force is just for appearances. The conclusions were predetermined. This is not governance, this makes a farce of representative democracy. If the Governor did not want input from KNEA, there are many, many ways in which he could have obtained input from teachers and other education professionals.
Would you let plumbers determine banking regulations? Would you let carpenters determine medical guidelines for surgery?
The real question is why ISN'T the Governor seeking input from education professionals? The answer is that he doesn't owe them anything. He is beholden to the interests that finance his election and he is too busy proving what a good dog he is to his owners in hope of their backing in a presidential run to actual govern the State of Kansas.

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Letter: School Scrooge

My kids attend elementary school in the Lawrence Public Schools. In their classes are many children of many faiths. They have learned about the seasonal holidays many religions celebrate this time of year: Hannukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, and, yes, Christmas. So the author of the LTTE is operating on a false premise. The Christian holiday is taught in public schools, but so are other holidays.
How would you feel if your child was taught only the Christian traditions but he or she was Jewish or Muslim? What about the children of Atheists?
The timing of Christmas isn't based on some factual known birthdate of Jesus of Nazareth, but rather reflects the timing of the Festival of Lights and pagan holidays of earlier centuries.

This nation isn't founded on Christianity so get over yourself.

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State Board of Ed., District 4: Carolyn Campbell vs. Jack Wu

Governor Brownback has already distanced himself from Wu and made a statement almost a month ago saying he did not support him.

I am an independent voter and once again this year I will be voting a mixed ballot (in terms of party affiliation). However, I lean toward moderate candidates and in this state that often means Democrats. That being said, I know and respect many Republican voters and I am quite certain that they do not feel Mr. Wu shares their values.

The important thing at this point is to recognize that no reasonable person would want Mr. Wu to be on the State Board of Education. Spread the word to your Republican friends and family. Mr. Wu may have the word "Republican" next to him on the ballot, but he in an extremist who does not represent the Republican party nor the values of Kansans.

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Town Talk: Chicago-style restaurant and bar to open in former Bambino's spot on south Mass.; Schumm frustrated with HRC; clock ticking on possible appeal of Ninth and N.H.

I'm stoked that a new restaurant will be at that location. It's about time something interesting opened there.

I like historic preservation, but guess what, so does Mr. Schumm. I also don't have a problem with new development downtown. I want a thriving downtown, and that requires investment from time to time. There is nothing historic about an empty lot.

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Knology sale to WOW now official; customers not expected to see immediate changes

Since the customer service is so much poorer with Knology than it was with Sunflower Broadband (experience a problem, call, and you'll see what I mean), one can only hope that the new owner either doesn't outsource customer service to some other country or opens a local call center.

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Kansas teachers group recommends legislative candidates

Because you don't understand the laws of the state kansasfaithful, you may not realize that the STATE, not the unions, not the districts, separates money spent on facilities from money spent to teach kids. It is state law, passed by Republicans, and long-standing.

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Kansas teachers group recommends legislative candidates

Are you another paid KPI lackey? There are no "studies" that they have done; they simply use NEAP data and misconstrue it to their purposes.
Obviously, you know little about this issue if you actually think the union in KS hurts education. You can't provide one truthful, real-life example of the union in KS doing something that is bad for children or blocking an actual research-based (non political) reform.

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State board urged to seek millions in school funding

It is sad that we live in a society where not only has our state government been bought by special interest groups, but we can't even have a comment section on our local newspaper without a paid employee of the Koch Brothers' funded organization spewing propaganda and distortions.

Our schools in Lawrence are well above average, but you can't privatize schools, the ultimate goal of Mr. Trabert's employers, without convincing the public that our schools are failing. Since that hasn't worked so well, they favor cutting school funding until the schools fail.

Go away Mr. Trabert, this isn't a forum for paid political advertisement.

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$42 million Lawrence police facility and staffing needs could require both sales and property tax increases

In a city with a high sales tax in a state that taxes food, citizens cannot afford another sales tax increase. Who can afford a dime on a dollar just to eat?

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