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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

Larry he coached there 16 years!! asst coach under osborne and solich. 2004 AD was an A## and hired bil crapahan not husker nations choice by the time he was finnished the defence was a laughing stock hell ku beat em by 70 some pts. it was between pelini and turner in 2007 to turn things around and DEFENCE was priority. See interview with T.O. hardest decission in his life to pass on turner. i guarentee husker nation and Pelini would hire him in a sec but Turner is head coach material. Again Jayhawk fans have no clue on what they are about to experience. competitive well coached integrity and a pride that will culminate jayhawk football. this freaking guy can RECRUIT texas and the nation. the big twelve north will have there hands full if KU fans can GET IT. they might evan dominate MU. once he has a chance to get his talent level there and his type of kids. he will make winners out of KU i will bet on it. And he has gone up against KSU and Grampa for years and knows his tendances might evan dominate the purple. The face of KU football and the direction under Coach Gill will cultivate Your program for years to cum and may experience what a good football program is and how to cultivate it, not a year or two flash in the pan couple of years.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

ku fans have never until now experienced any type of culture this man will bring to the ku football program he will be respected all across the big 12 and is bringing with him two of the best coridinators in the big 12. i have lived in the ku area now and have never seen fans like this who are so ignorant about football. the passion and culture will be the best it has ever been here and the charachter of this program has just taken a huge step forward its a shame the fan base has no class i dont know whos worse the mizzou fans or the ku fans you will probably have more supportive fans from big red country. you are always welcome there turner.

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