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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

I agree COMPLETELY! Where are all these said witnesses when a white man runs around killing 20-30 people? Oh, but let a "light-skinned black man" say "Where's my gun" and it's this HUGE deal, even though NO shots were fired. I swear to Jesus, people do not understand the craziness of their words and thoughts!

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Police say victim in Sixth Street mo-ped accident did not have valid driver's license

I ride the bus because my 2005 pontiac sunfire with reasonable fuel economy and 45,000 miles was totalled by some college student. Not because I'm poor. Because insurance did not care about the 2500 DP i PUT on the car, they just cared about the value. But yes, and had the T not come to my rescue, I would be fired from my job, and then I would be *less fortunate*. The point is that many people ride the bus, and I wouldn't say that theyre all less fortunate. Many different people ride the bus, and I would say that 99% of the time I get on the bus, it is not empty. Furthermore, I don't think that we're "clogging" up the city any more than we would be had all the people that ride the bus purchased cars instead of bus passes. Possibly less, actually.

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Mo-ped fatality closes Sixth Street

I know this bus driver; I talk to him often when I ride the bus, and he loves his job. He's never driven dangerously when I was on his bus, either, though some of those bus drivers do.I don't know if the comment about him being a liability for the insurance and never being able to drive a commerical vehicle is true, but that is sad if it is. But if not, I mean, I don't know about Jeremy, but I wouldn't want to drive a bus after this, anyway.And Im not sure if wearing a helmet would have prevented this man's death, but it definitely is a shame that I do not often see people on mo-peds/scooters/bikes with helmets on. I have no issue with mo-preds; I was thinking of buying one myself, but wear a helmet! It should be cause for a ticket like the no-seatbelt law.Also, I was on my way home and someone told me that the man was drunk, too. And it doesn't matter if the guy said it on LJWorld because I'm sure many people take the situation at hand--with him leaving a liquor store--and deduce from it that he was drunk. Personally, I think he might have been trying to enjoy his Saturday night and been BUYING something, not necessarily drinking it already, but people do assume.Regardless of the sidestories, a man was killed and another man was definitely very traumatized. My condolences to all parties involved.

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