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Lawrence road crews begin plowing neighborhoods; Sidewalk snow ordinance deadline is 8 a.m. Saturday

Actually, there are two inclement weather days. Since we have had two snowdays we will already be going on those days.
After that there are 2 FREEBIES, then anything above 4 has to be made up (usually minutes added on to the day)

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Lawrence road crews begin plowing neighborhoods; Sidewalk snow ordinance deadline is 8 a.m. Saturday

If anything it's the high schools that need to be let out early. There is a bunch of brand new drivers who probably have not driven in winter conditions before. The last thing we want is a bunch of youg teeneagers out on the road after school. Unfortunately, the high schools are the only ones without early release.

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Wind chill advisory expires; Temperatures frigid through Friday

But baltimore has a dome so they don't have to deal with weather!

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LJWorld.com to live stream city fireworks display

lol people shoot them off every year all over. its as if the law doesnt exist. we shoot them off too. always get loads. No one cares

last year I went by the police station and they were shooting some off. no joke! :D

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Texas can save Big 12

May just be me but... Pro sports are boring as hell, tyvm! Its a bunch of the same losers for years and years getting paid a ton of money to play boring basketball and boring football.

Pro basketball = running up and down the court scoring constantly with dunks and what not. thats it. not as much strategy, less defnese, teams all about one person. college is all about the game... pro is just like watching to see which team scores the prettiest honestly. (march madness is always exciting!)

pro football = one team usually dominates which is no fun. with the exception of the of the past two years... the superbowl game is usually EXTREMELY DULL. commercials are the good part cause the games not even usually close. again less about the game itself, more about the medias attention.

oh and pro sports play too much and the season goes on too long. dont know how you guys dont get bored! going to a foot,ball game with the dedicated fans and students and the lovely traditions, marching band, not missing a singe game and what not is a much better time.

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Brandon Knight picks Kentucky

same here Danimal, same here. #1 pick again... lets just hope there isn't a dance this time.

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Beware of idiots

Makes sense to me Black Fox. I always get so nervous when driving near a bike when not in these conditions. If I saw one in this weather first of all I would think "What the hell is that person thinking" I might even say something to the person. I never understood why Bikes could ride with cars on the street... If you get hit your as good as deadd and they can't keep up with traffic which just makes it annoying.

Even the best drivers can't always avoid disaster... especially with these crap road conditions. I know that I pay really close attention while driving on icy/snowy streets (no phones or whoppers) but if I slide there's little I can do to stop it. It's not like I want to. Also some poeples cars are better in ice and snow than others.

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Winter storm warning issued for Douglas County and surrounding areas beginning 6 a.m. Wednesday

If we keep getting snow like this every couple of days without any melting we might all be burried alive!

And those temps do not sound fun at all... What about the kids walking and waiting for the bus. How cold do temps have to be to cancel school?

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