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Snow storm hits Lawrence

Great Photos! Some of them made their way onto The Weather Channel's winter storm Q mega slideshow!

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More snow on the way tonight; Lawrence schools, KU, others closed Friday

I saw on weather.com that a car caught on fire trying to get up a hill on Lawrence Avenue! It looked bad! I was just wondering why there isn't anything about it on ljworld. Actually, a couple of Ljworlds pics are on weather.com as well! Looks like our city specifically made national news. They like your photos!

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Snow coming down hard, area roads snowpacked

I was woken up by Thundersnow! It was the coolest thing ever and there was quite a bit of from 6:30 to 7:30, You might want to make an update about this!

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Snow coming down hard, area roads snowpacked

To those earlier discussing KU class cancellation.... I am a KU student. All my labs and tests have already been cancelled! Considering this and the fact that residents are being asked to put out their trash a day early makes me think that Lawrence public schools will cancel this evening as opposed to in the morning.

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Westar Energy customer outages down to 300 in Douglas County

"Most of those appeared to be from around 6th and Massachusetts Street, west to Iowa Street."
from the enforcement morning wrap-up post! I just talked to someone without power in old west lawrence!

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Weather forces districts, including Lawrence, to cancel classes; other cancellations listed

High School kids have finals, but they really should cancel. I don't want my daughter driving to school... which is why I'm up.
Also our power is cutting in out and out. I just talked to my parents in old west lawrence whos power has been out. Definately no coditions to be outside in!

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About 100 Douglas County Westar Energy customers still without power

You're neighborhood isn't the only one in town. I'm glad there wasn't any damage to you're property but it doesn't mean there wasn't elsewhere. Id say those were the worst winds we have had since the microburst. Yes, It was bad. Everything in my yard was all over the place and large branches were down in the street. I don't know if you looked outside at all or opened your door but it was insane. I know someone who had a large oak fall into their window. Your comments are getting a little... just sayin. Topeka didn't even go to school today so we did much better. Or you know, maybe Topeka and KC don't trim their tree limbs either. Complaining does nothing. They're working hard.

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Closings and cancellations for Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011

Alot of kids are going to be late today!
I just dropped my sister off and it was VERY slow-going.
Our road is not cleared off and is part of both city and school bus routes. I can only imagine what its like for the people living in rarely travelled neighborhoods with lots of hills.
Also My grandma called to tell me she was on the highway between lawrence and tongy... multiple cars off the road.

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Winter weather advisory expires for Douglas County; Wind chill could hit -15 Wednesday night

Shouldn't this be updated?
Its been snowing for awhile now and the roads are awful. People getting stuck on our hill already.

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