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Returning the favor: Free State rolls at invite; LHS sends out seniors in style

You forgot Ellen Keegan as one of the Free State seniors...

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

The banner itself was worth a thousand words, and so was the behavior of the LHS student section. Regardless if the FS student section had rude chants, it was put to a hault and LHS always one-uped them in some rude, disgusting way. I hope they're satisfied with the way they portrayed their school to Lawrence last night, because I saw it as a complete embarrassment. Also- I commend LJWorld for reporting about the ridiculous action.

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Gibbs sparks Seabury boys basketball team to win

lawrence267, you may have met him or think your know him, but you don't know his coaching style. Read the comments from his players... talk to his players, talk to the parents. Most do indeed believe he is positive and there for the students.

2/05/10 article:
“It’s disappointing,” said Seabury junior Skyler Malone, who scored 10 points in Thursday’s victory. “I enjoy playing for Scoop a lot, and it seems like he’s taught me a lot. I’ve always enjoyed talking with him and just joking around.”

From doing on a search, it appears that Harding has been coaching for awhile. Maybe you missed this article or haven't heard of Wayne Simien or Jeffey Hawkins.


I agree with DPAGE1022- sounds like Seabury wants a babysitter.

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Gibbs sparks Seabury boys basketball team to win

Lawrence267, you obviously don't know Scoop at all.

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Gibbs sparks Seabury boys basketball team to win

whatthehell, Sounds like the AD already has a new coach in mind?? What more does the AD want from the program?

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Seabury wins game, loses coach

FAIL. I hope Seabury is satisfied with their decision to rid of the best coach that has ever taken part in their athletic program. Coach Harding is the most respectable, kind-hearted person I have met. It seems more difficult and out of nature for him to be mean to someone than it is to be nice and thoughtful. I wish him nothing but luck, success and bigger things in the future.


PS- Who is going to order the "parent's" coaching shirts and sweatsuit for next year?

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Seabury wins game, loses coach

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