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Some restaurants charging for tables during tournament

Makes sense to me. I'd love to do the $100 minimum and show up 10 minutes before the game and get a table. If you don't want to spend the money, order a pizza and watch at home or a friends, no problem!

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New homeless shelter adds space, privacy

Stereotypes are based in truth, hate to burst your bubble. And, also... I'm not a conservative and I am an atheist..

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New homeless shelter adds space, privacy

I used to work at Yello Sub in college, and the owner donated about 75 sandwiches every Wednesday night. The man who came and picked them up rarely said thank you. It was infuriating.

If you build it, they will come, and oh boy have they come. Marshall should prove himself by getting his GED... of course no one will give you a chance if you don't prove yourself first. Lazy people..

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KU student hospitalized after skiing injury in Colorado

I am in Colorado as we speak, skiing at Breckenridge, and took a nasty fall from someone who hit me from behind today. I fell straight onto my head at 20+ mph, but I was wearing a helmet. No question it made the difference between a concussion and getting up and skiing down to lunch.

Good luck with the recovery, never good to see these accidents happen. Let it be a lesson to all of us to wear helmets.

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New owner plans to convert site of troubled North Lawrence mobile home park into single-family neighborhood

Always good to see a builder with a conscience cleaning up a problem and creating affordable housing. Well done, Mr. Bowden, we could use more builders like you in Lawrence.

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Freebirds Burrito set to open Jan. 31 in downtown Lawrence; company looking for co-tenant for building

I'm curious but for quick Tex-Mex fare I really like Fuzzy's. We will see how Freebirds compares.. but man, that butt burnin' sauce at Fuzzys sure is good.

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Emergency planning begins for continuation of drought

Hopefully a sprinkling ban is put into place this Spring until lakes reach the necessary levels. I still can't believe there wasn't one last summer.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Bowersock name not forgotten to this family

While unfortunate, that is the way of the world and the way of business. A 63 year old man simply cannot keep up with the pace of a young man, and your friend very well may have replaced another 60-something man in his youth. I certainly hope he doesn't hold much ill will, as these men provided an industry and a job which put food on his table for 43 years.

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Lawrence runners surprised, disappointed by New York City Marathon cancellation

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Town Talk: Water line breaks up 80 percent in city, more than $72M of lines to replace by 2030; KU duo proposes plan to reuse more than a dozen trees to be cut down by library project

Having functional water lines/delivery seems like one of the best reasons to raise a bill 4-6%. I'd be fine with paying that extra dollar every month to assure that everyone has access to a functional water system. Sometimes you've got to realize that the most necessary (read: not a new library or rec center) must take precedence over pretty new projects. Deferring maintenance is never a good idea... it sure would cost the City a whole lot more if Del Monte kept getting water main breaks and decided to move their plant elsewhere for reliable service, wouldn't it?

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