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Iwig dairy files for bankruptcy, plans to keep retail stores open for reorganization

In addition to Antney's comments which I completely agree with as viable options, I will add:

Move to a different location - I'd suggest 6th and Wakarusa, near Eileen's Colossal Cookies (milk and cookies, what a great combo). Growing area & adequate parking.

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Ironman 70.3 Kansas on tap today

When one considers the economic impact on the local economy, it's unfortunate that this is the extent of press this event receives. This is a big event for Lawrence. I hope Ironman continues to come back.

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SRS says workers now can transfer to Topeka; Douglas County commissioners petition governor over office closure

I'd rather not see the office closed but the decision as already been made. I can't foresee how anyone will convince this pathetic Governor to reconsider. Why not pursue having SRS folks to work from home? Meeting with their clients may be a challenge but they could setup meetings at their home or find alternative meeting locations.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback mum on repeal of in-state tuition for children of some illegal immigrants

I could give some elaborate discussion on the political and legal 'why' on this subject. But as everyone can see by reading the comments, that political and legal merits don't seem to matter. So let's try this. You allow it because it feels right. When you read comments like "nasty" people, that doesn't sit well. They are people. In a sense, arguing with people that take such a position is nonsensical. You can't argue with ignorant xenophobic people. Repealing doesn't feel right and there are more positive outcomes (educationally, monetarily, etc) by allowing the process to proceed. Having the process gives those "nasty" people an opportunity to leave Liberal Kansas, making some Liberal folks happy, to live a much more prosperous, less ignorant life.

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Lawrence can take advantage of smart meters and help community get energy efficiency grants and loans in 2011

For the "big brother" types, utilty company's have access to your usage now. They can also turn you off at anytime right now; take a look outside and you'll see what's called a transformer.

This meter provides the consumer with more data. The great thing is it's up to you if you'd like to take advantage of it.

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New interactive Lawrence map gives residents a glimpse at city services, ownership data

I've developed similar systems for government using a vareity of APIs. They are pretty simple to develop it's more about the accuracy of the data. Having worked for government in the past as well as been a consultant to government, charging a fee doesn't seem to work well. There are studies that provide data to support this idea. In fact, this data is already available. One just has to do more work to access it. Your return on investment is having it readily accessible to folks like realtors, building/construction industry or to owners interesting in propert tax info, school district info, comparables, etc. They will bring indirect tax revenue in by using the site. Another opportunity is for tourists who are looking for parks and/or more detailed information than google, bing, etc may provide. Folks should understand that google, bing, zillow, etc get there data from local government. This type of site could also be used for the GPS tracking software the city purchased. It takes more work internally but there's not reason not to take advantage of software the city already owns.

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19-year-old who suffered brain damage during dental procedure files lawsuit

One might change their thought process about outcome of the case if one new that the janitorial company incorrectly replaced the tubes during their cleaning of the building. The Dr was unaware that had occurred. And, yes, a waiver was signed and is standard practice. While an unfortunate accident, Stone stands to lose this case.

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City crews busy filling multitudes of potholes

These comments are funny. Snow has been on the ground here in Colorado Springs since November. My guess is that it will stick around until late Feb. Potholes? Well when you have an ultra-conservative council that over the years has really screwed things up here locally, we don't have money to fill them. So we don't fill potholes and we don't plow snow unless it's more than 6 inches. It's always more than 6 inches here.

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Job forum looks at city’s strengths, weaknesses

I live in Colorado Springs - land of religious conservatism and extremely low property / business taxes. Our community hasn't attracted good jobs in years. We are losing more good paying jobs to other communities all the time. On the other hand, Boulder and the Denver Metro Area have been gaining great paying jobs for years. Boulder has high taxes but a very high quality of life, great schools, a friendly biking culture and access to good transportation. I'm sure the mountains help but Lawrence and Boulder are both great college towns. Lawrence should have no problem competing for good paying jobs. I've been looking to move back for years, have been offered a few opportunities and in each case turned down the opportunity do in large part to pay. The Lawrence-Topeka and JC area do not pay well. That's a fact.

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