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Trial ordered in post-brawl confrontation

Then you would be very happy to note that most Middle Eastern studies programs around the country are funded by Wahhabis or Iran. (source:CNN and Fox consultant Walid Phares)

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What erudite, balanced commenters here. We know you're a bunch of emasculated humanities majors, but you don't have to put it on display here for people who actually like sports and their Alma mater.

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Mangino: Reesing should be a part of Heisman discussion

1) Most humorous set of comments in years. Well played, gents (and ladies?).

2) I'm not sure Kale Pick will be much of a let down. 2010 Kale may be < 2009 Todd, but definitely >2007 Todd.

3) As good as #5 is he'd be average without #10.

4) Lets hope we're still talking like this in a few weeks after the rest of the murderous conference schedule. BEAT TEXAS TWICE.

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KU couple name kids after football, basketball heroes

I'm sad that Kansas no longer has moral superiority over the 2 kids I saw on one of my drives home from KU, at an Okie gas station, named Ford and Mercedes.

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KU’s Morningstar suspended

There are so many simplistic comments on this board I don't know where to start. People really need to separate public courts of law with the rules of the KU Men's Basketball Team. There's only one judge, jury and executioner: Coach Self. It doesn't matter if Brady hasn't been tried yet. I'm sure he and Self talked before the punishment was handed down. It makes sense for the LJW to name names because a
player was suspended - newsworthy by itself - and that story can't be run without a reason why.

Also, this conjecture about what would have happened to a bigger star like Reesing or Collins is pointless. Stay out of unknown predictions.

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Kansas’ image ugly after ridiculous turf war

At the ripe old age of 31 I feel confident saying I'm not much older than you cretins lambasting Mayer. Easy to hide behind a keyboard and screen. Be civil and let it go. If you don't have the stones to say it to his face, don't say it on the net.

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Flourishing friendship

One odd thing from this article: either Bedore is planting quotes or Elijah is very well-spoken.

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Keep Blount incident in perspective

So basically the OCR writer is telling us he really doesn't have a basis for what he writes and that these people who garner our attention and ticket revenue shouldn't be held to a higher standard. I reject both premises.

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Twin transformation

Just don't do a 34-2 like 1996-97. The pics of Roy crying after are still stuck in my head. Something tells me Bill isn't like that, though. He gets it done.

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KU basketball will be a part of ESPN's College GameDay ... in Manhattan

Game day at Memorial Stadium or Arrowhead, that will be the sign we're waiting for.

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