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No problem: Weis not worried about QB play

Maybe our DBs suck. No threat during practice?

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Opinion: Rice key test for KU

@DocPossum because that was the last time KU won on the road.

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Good game: A look at the best KU games in the Bill Self era

How about the first half of the Lisa Robinson game? Also, the 2nd half comebacks in 2012 could all be grouped together as one. I'd love to have all of them on DVD.

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NCAA fines, reprimands KU coach Bill Self for damaging scorers table in NCAA Tourney

Brian Bosworth was right.

Is this all the NCAA has to do?

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Bill Self basks in glow

There's one statistic mentioned in this week's articles that will send the haters flying like a Jeff Withey block leading to a BMac jam:

In the last 7 years, the Kansas basketball team has won more games (228) than any team in any 7-year span in the history of college basketball. Boom.

For me, I'll take a program whose average out is S16 or E8 with a near-perfect APR and well-spoken kids. The mercenaries that go to KY schools are not people I'm proud to have representing my alma mater.

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Opinion: Note to Self: Hire Mitchell Wiggins

Yeah, unless he's had a full-on religious mea culpa after those mid-80s drug problems, I don't think he has the ground to stand on to discipline players nor would I want him in my home if I were the parent of a recruit.

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"Rules of Basket Ball" museum to get a name; Burt Hall to be razed

Money is just a means of exchange. As long as that exchange creates value for someone, it is valid. If it didn't go to constructing a hall to house the rules, then some construction workers would be out of a job. Who's to say which use of the money is more valid? Look up Rand's d'Anconia character for more.

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Kansas underdog … on paper

I seem to remember a tall thin guy from KU doing pretty well against the consensus POY (ESPNsborough) back in 2008. It could easily happen again. Pundits don't like us for some reason.

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Reesing: Benching ‘was a big deal to me’

I'd bet, knowing folks in Austin who know him and watching him the last three years, it's probably a case of trying to do too much. Recall that he had a great game in the Colorado loss. Since then he hasn't looked like the guy we've watched. Hopefully he got it right that they're not playing loose any more. I'd like to see a Tebow news conference moment out of him though. And if he continues to be sub par and there's a better choice, sit him.

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Nine ex-Jayhawks in NBA

With the term ex-Jayhawks, one would have to include JR Giddens. I assume he made a team as a first round pick.

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