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Brownback names new Regents, vows to fight for restored higher education funding

Brownback will take people for a ride again and again. No restoration is possible without undoing his tax plan. Raise taxes on Koch brothers.

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Families of incoming KU freshmen say tuition increase is 'just part of life'

Cannot do anything about it? You kidding? Kansas is a such a stupid state. It does not matter what happens, they will always vote for a Sam Brownback look-alike. It is your vote that is doing this. You gave Sam Brownie his veto-proof majority. There are times when you need to support tax increases on the wealthy for the good of the society. By supporting these wealthy fat cats, these people are destroying tax support for education, schools etc. and falling into Koch brothers plan. Less funding from state equals more targeted private funding and a seat on school boards and universities for Koch. Wake up. It is amazing these parents of kids will not change their ideology and voting patterns that actually hurts their own cause. Many kids just cannot afford this. Universities have to depend on Koch funds and students from abroad to support funding. Students from abroad is a good thing but there needs to be a good balance for discussion and interactions. Our state governments are undercutting (e,g. Kansas) us.

By the way, these fat cats are not creating jobs with tax cuts. They send their kids to other states for education and use some funds to create one low-paying job, and the rest on family vacations abroad.

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KU chancellor to get $60,000 pay raise funded through KU Endowment Association

Managers and CEO-levels at KU and its medical school write their own script. They shed crocodile tears every year and always cry "we are tight." There is always a calamity about to descend on you. Go back and look at all her emails. But, she and her buddies have always made sure they are taken care of via the invisible endowements. This is pervasive in both schools. Raises go to everyone including the perceived favorites of these managers. She is not alone. She is just the tip of the iceberg. KU has been busy hiring consultants and trimming staff and underpaying them. All the media news about overpaid staff at KU is a joke as most of the staff do not see anything. It goes to just her and her look-alikes. How sad..I cannot wait for these guys to come up and talk about cuts now. They have been happy to support our governor, fake some angst against his budget, and go to standy by Brownbach and Koch as they see fit but screw their staff.

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