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Seabury student bee champ 3rd year in a row

The last name is spelled "Reese" not "Reece"...so apparently you all really know what you're talking about.

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Seabury wins game, loses coach

Its an all school girls team... obviously you didnt do your research. Just because the journal world doesnt report doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Actually, the girls had a game today and played right before the boys on thursday night among many other games. They are coached by Becky Bridson.

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Seabury wins game, loses coach

Actually, Seabury does have a girls basketball team and just about every other girls sports program for that matter. Also in a school with 135 kids, I really don't think anyone would need to "buy their little kiddie a spot on the team." Seabury has a no cutting policy. Gibbs is a senior and since Scoop is finishing out the season it is highly unlikely that he is the reason behind this. Next time do some research before you make a ridiculous comment.

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