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School bond issue sails to passage

As responsible voters we passed the bond. And now as responsible citizens we must make sure the district does there part without any deception or dishonesty. I am skeptical but hopeful that this board will keep everyone at the ESDC honest and if changes are made they are communicated as well as the bond information was. I would like an call from Ms. Boyle stating that instead of the new technology that was budgeted for in the bond, LHS will be getting new turf for the football field. USD 497 has the means to communicate, let's just hope they realize the faith the voters have placed in them.

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Lawrence district testing 'blended classroom' model to provide more flexibility, learning opportunities

It's clear that the teacher in this picture is informing the student to, "go call your parents right now and tell them to vote for the no tax increase bond on April 2nd. Dr. Doll wants it to pass and he better get what he wants." Isn't that the message everything from the district these days has on it? Signs in the fronts of schools, emails from the schools, and now they are even on facebook. Is he a superintendent or a used car salesman?

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Lawrence school board votes to oppose anti-union bill

It's too bad the superintendent doesn't agree with the boards sentiment. At least the BOE shows our teachers some respect and treats them as professionals.

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Lawrence superintendent gets positive review from school board

Why? The only positive thing Doll has done is run off teachers and administrators who valued children and ethics. We'd be better off if they positively showed him the curb.

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Sunset Hill principal to resign

Wow! What a loss for the district. How many administrators and teachers will Dr. Doll be allowed to run off! Time for the school board to see the biggest problem in the district.

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Lawrence school board’s goals outlined for bond issue

The superintendt is the leader of USD 497 and so the buck stops with him. He is not honest with parents or staff. He bullies administration, staff and parents and uses scare tactics to attempt to get what he wants. Shame on the board that hired him and continues his employment. The children in Lawrence deserve better than that. He has driven out adminstrators, staff and families with his arrogance and back door dealings. He closed an amazing school, Wakarusa Valley, and then doesn't support the schools where those students were forced to attend. Until he goes, I think we should all vote NO!

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