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Decades later, son discovers how his mother actually died

Mr. Torres, I can relate to your feelings....even though this article is erroneous along with the LPD in stating that "...this is the only unsolved murder in the county for several decades...", it is still horrible what you are going through. How do I know this?? Because my father, ROBERT EMMETT CONLIN, SR. was MURDERED at Edgewood Homes in Lawrence, Kansas, in May of 1977....and that MURDER IS STILL UNSOLVED....hell, the LPD has yet to acknowledge that his murder is unsolved, or whatever happened to his case file....POOF, just magically disappeared.... You are absolutely correct in your statement "SOMEONE GOT MURDERED"....yes THEY did. Will we ever get justice???? You tell me....it's been 35 years since my father's murder and I am STILL WAITING FOR THAT JUSTICE....

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Brownback, other governors tour beef plant to see ‘pink slime’

I TOTALLY agree.....!!! Slimeback should be his name.

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Holocaust survivor recounts story to students

You need to re-read your history books. The "invasion" of Austria was ANYTHING but non-violent. Most of the photos and film footage you see is staged. There was much violence, intimidation, fear, and FORCE to Germany's "invasion" of Austria. There was no choice given to anyone living in Austria....you complied, or you were killed or deported to death camps, end of options.

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City law interpretation spares lives of chickens slated for slaughter in public display of art

Are people actually this stupid everywhere??? Or is it just LAWRENCE ?? Eating animals for food is a fact of life, but making a public spectacle out of it, and calling it art, is beyond the pale. Humans are really stupid.

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Douglas County prosecutors to review cases involving Lawrence police involved in dismissing speeding tickets

Smitty, maybe I need to hire YOU to find out WHO killed my father back in 1977...since all the LPD files seem to be "lost".....??? Hmmmmm. My entire faith in the LPD now rests on TWO officers who have sworn to me to diligently find answers....nothing yet!

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Town Talk: April 8 target date for Sears closing, but company interested in opening Hometown Sears store; Dick's Sporting Goods in the mix for Sears space; a new ag land real estate firm

Re the closing of the Lawrence Sears store....IF someone opens up a hometown version of Sears, I certainly hope they give their employees better "customer service" training cuz this store totally SUCKS in that department !!! And I've been a customer of Sears for over 30 years.

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Project to restore mural downtown expected to begin in April

I'm with you MarcoPogo....its a mural for gawd's sake. Whatever Loewenstein creates will be awesome!! One can't always keep the original, but he will get as close to it as possible. Now you all go put some strawberries on another NEW bowl of cheerios.....LOL.....

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Donations pour in for family who lost home

Sierraclub....never mind that your grammar sucks, but just how many family members do YOU support?...When you have to provide for, love and care for, 11 members of your family, and know what that entails, I don't think you have a right to open your pie hole. This family DOES pay taxes, and DOES have a job....so your statements are ludicrous. Now, if you are being so udderly rude because of the ethnicity of this family, then you are truly abomniable. But like another poster said, even if this did happen to you, people would rally to help you as well, which is unfortunate because you would not appreciate it at all. I hope you never have to swallow your holier-than-thou attitude and have to ask someone for help...because it truly humbles you...a word I don't think is in your vocabulary. Kudos to everyone in this area who is willing to help those in need...just makes the Lawrence community a wonderful place to live...

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Graphologist Peter Clark projects a sample of Gov. Sam Brownback’s handwriting that Clark analyzed d

Mr. Clark - my aunt was a Master Graphoanalysis through the Society. She lived in Salina, Kansas, and had conducted interviews and the analyses of Richard Hickock and Perry Smith (Clutter family murderers). She also helped a local employment recruitment company, as well as countless children through the social workers at schools. I completed over half of the course before having to stop, various reasons. In any event, I would very much like to visit with you. How does one contact you ??
Katie Roberts-Gilliam

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K-10 panel to request safety barriers

When I drive K-10 to Lawrence and back, what I notice is that cars travel TOO CLOSE to each other. OMG there is supposed to be a car length per 10mph between you and the next car ahead. There is absolutely NO way anyone can stop or maneuver out of an accident by traveling on top of someone's bumper. I cannot remember where it is but there is some place where they are now starting to give out tickets for traveling too close to the next car in front of you. Speeding coupled with traveling too close....no cable barrier is going to eliminate that catastrophe waiting to happen.....

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