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Which of these classic board games is your favorite?

Scrabble, hands down! No two games are ever the same. I play online, at two different sites, all the time. You get notified, via email, when it is your turn. Anyone up for a game, let me know. :)

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Salina woman pleads for return of camera memory card

I feel this woman's pain. I am a picture fanatic and carry my camera with me at all times. Back 14 years ago, before digital cameras, I had taken several rolls of film of my oldest niece's birthday party, dropped them off at K-Mart and never got the pictures back - they had lost the rolls of film. I was very hesitant to go digital, but now that I have, I wonder why I had not done it years before. I hope whoever took this woman's camera, will be kind enough to return it to her, somehow.

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Reasonable move

It would, also, be nice if the neighbors across the street, with no sidewalks, would help us shovel the sidewalk! Thankfully, my husband just hops on his John Deere at 5 am and plows the sidewalk from corner to corner.

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Bazaar sets holiday shopping mood

I, also, missed this. I didn't see a flyer or any kind of announcement. I thought it was usually the 3rd weekend of November, but when I checked the LJW online, I read that it had been the week before???? (Maybe I pulled up the article from last year? Hmmm) I tried calling the Community Building on Saturday afternoon and never got an answer.....:( Oh well, maybe I will make it next year. I told my husband that we saved some money. LOL

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New festival touts local cuisine

My husband and I partook in this local food festival last night and had a blast sampling all the goodies, going home stuffed. You couldn't have asked for better weather and all the food was magnificent, which helped to put everyone, in attendance, in a very good mood. Lots and lots of people and fantastic music added to the festive mood. My husband called it, "A Carnival for Adults." We will definately attend the one next year!It was a great way to sample different foods offered by the local restaurants. Thanks to all the locally owned restaurants for putting on such a festival and thanks to the city commissioners who allowed them to do this in South Park. Cheers! A+++++++++++++

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Traffic engineers hope drivers will come around on roundabouts

Oh and don't forget to put roundabouts at every insection along Mass, downtown to allieviate the gridlock! Just watch all the pedestrians attempt to cross the street! Oh my! Ouch!

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Traffic engineers hope drivers will come around on roundabouts

Very true Jayhawkerjoel! It's because we live in the Me-me-me society.

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Turnpike toll plazas will be automated

Who is really going to actually get off at this exit, anyway?

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Lawrence exits on Kansas Turnpike to feature roundabouts

I could not believe the headline in the paper this morning - a roundabout on the KTA to be completed just in time for the start of the snow and icy months! What fun a mix of people who have trouble driving in roundabouts and people who have problems driving on ice and snow. I hope everyone's auto insurance is in force and up-to-date. One other thing on the subject of the KTA improvement project When they close Eastbound exit #204, into Lawrence, I sure hope someone (Douglas county or KDOT) has had some foresight into putting up traffic lights up at the Junction of Hwy 40 and the K-10 bypass (SLT.) I haven't seen any signs of construction starting up at this location yet. That looooooong southbound exit, to 6th St, ramp currently gets very backed up (especially during the evening hours) after work I have seen vehicles sitting on the shoulder of the highway. It takes FOREVER to turn left onto a very busy (and dangerous) Hwy 40 and I look that spot to get more congested with the closing of KTA exit 204. A driver puts his and his passengers' lives at risk when trying to turn East onto Hwy 40.I live in a neighborhood that is surrounded by these things, along with those 'speed humps,' which are kind of a joke. I don't like the roundabouts and I DO KNOW how to use them! It's all the other drivers who either speed right thru them, like they own the road and have the right-of-way all the time or they come to a complete "4-way stop" stop and sit, waiting for all the other vehicles to clear out of the roundabout so they can proceed. If everyone coming up to a roundabout knows how to maneuver thru them, traffic flows smoothly thru it ('just like a ballet', as my husband puts it) and we have seen this take place here in Lawrence, on occasion.My husband has some great ideas for how the city of Lawrence and the State of Kansas could raise money:--Build a roundabout at the intersection of 19th and Iowa, put up some stadium seating with a concession stand and sell tickets for people to watch the frenzy of demolition derbies.--Make K-10, going East out of Lawrence, a toll road and incorporate a couple more roundabouts and speed humps along it to help 'calm' drivers down.During the past few months, we have been using the Lecompton exit (KTA exit 197) to go to work in Topeka and after reading this article, we will most likely continue to use this route in order to avoid the 'Roundabout Merry-Go-Round!'

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See you Monday: KU to face Memphis in national championship

Well I hope Dickie V. and Bille P will not praise the ACC and the Big East so much...................... ,but I doubt it. Go Hawks

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