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Critics say Kobach not focused on Kansas office

If he's doing the state's business, how come he has so much spare time? Either we pay him too much or he needs more to do if he wants to keep his salary.

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Kansas House prayer gets political

+1 for me as well

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Proposed abortion ban blocked by abortion foe

the flying spaghetti monster says it is okay

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Condemn sin

I genuinely feel sorry for you. To be so entrenched and rigid in thought must be a miserable way to live. I hope you learn to stretch your boundaries just a little, that is what living is for. Being bound up and rigid in thought and deed makes one very unpleasant to be around.

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Condemn sin

Just because I don't believe in magic rocks doesn't mean I haven't thoroughly investigated the claim. Critical thinking is a learned skill. It takes no skill to blindly trust things one is told. The claim that one needs faith to believe is lacking in logic. Saying the sky is purple does not make it so, yet there are those who would oft repeat the claim once they heard it without ever looking up to investigate.

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Condemn sin

Actually, if you really want to know, do some research on religions of the past. You'll find the Egyptians and Sumerians both had sin, well before the Jewish religion was founded. In fact, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a book that Moses would have been very familiar with, has the same 400+ sins in it that the Jewish Torah does. Wouldn't it be just to much if every Christian, Muslim and Jewish person were still carrying on what the Pharaohs started over 5000 years ago?

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AARP asks consumers to contact KCC to oppose Westar rate hike

The free market people will see the CURB and AARP pressure as unwarranted. The market should regulate itself they will say. Do you really need electricity? If you are a true libertarian, the answer must be no, only consumption of items one can afford take precedence over want or need. Just like healthcare, having a cooled and heated house is an anarchists' idea of a handout if your on a fixed income and must choose between a livable house, food or healthcare.

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Divorce ban?

What matters is how each perceives their own role in society. I prefer to remain humble while most Christia I know seem to proselytize at the drop of a pin. Most should shun such activities, if they want friends.

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Lawrence residents plan anti-ALEC rally in Topeka

Since the elimination of income tax is one of brownbackistan's top priorities along with increasing LOB for school districts, I thought it important to show how he and laffer are going about it.

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