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Next year, title possible

You know ever since I left Lawrence and had to put up with all the arrogant morons or less-ons
Please get over your self....ok you lost big whoop...this is a "game"....nothing more nothing less.
You may try to agree with each other and waste precious prognosis blah blah on only those of you that "care" or are just the fair weathered fans that you are truly. I am so glad I don't live there any more and have to be subjected to the blah blah of this ku newspaper and the sad
fans that are frankly spoiled.....so get over yourself....
Change is good only if you truly change for the better........
I think you won the conference....hello....or Good Bye....as the wheat waved from Northern Iowa...

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Ex-AG Phill Kline faces complaint over investigations of abortion providers

you are the fascist you neo-nazi morons.
you censor, speech, beliefs, morals, and the like just like your hero Hitler.... Stalin....Mao....
you always go after the person that tells you the type of person you really are....
get over your self...someday you will see...then probably it will be too late for you .....
what a shame what a waste and you being "educated"
with the standards and morals of a "fool"

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

you know that it will never end there in lawrence as you all
are soooo stupid. Letting an east coast wonder fool throw you program back to where it was.
great for me...K S U fan
but still a joke and a disgrace on the university as the man can and will coach....
not in the state of confusion any more way out west these days
wow unbelievable....

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Jayhawks two deep, too shallow

Oh well you over achieved and have shown great "teamwork"
could have should have would have that and $1.00 will buy you a cup of coffee.
If it wasn't for Collins staying well you wouldn't have anything or maybe a NIT thing.
Remember who and what got you where you are and were this season.
He who is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.......
I will leave it at that
just a note Even though I cheer for KSU and who ever plays KU
not this time....so go OU and even MU

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Plea deal sought in hit-and-run case

Don't forget Thomas Crum was drunk as well with a toxic level over the .08

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Victim's family sees charges as way forward

just remember ....the acorn doesn't fall very far from the oak....

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Suspect in May hit-and-run wants case settled quickly

It seems that the same old story keeps going on and on...ok people get it straight......Crum was drunk as well...yeh he is non living now ....people need a second chance...I told Crum myself that he should stop drinking but he chose not to...so if you are doing something that you shouldn't be well you may get away with it for a short while but the numbers don't lie you reap what you sow....What this kids gets by our justice system won't matter in 5 yearsthe only thing that will matter is the involved parties will make a right choice to do what is RIGHT...Don't drink and drive period...a man is dead because of poor choices by himself and someone like him making poor choices as well ...only one is dead ....so give the other another chance to change as he is young and dumb....and a ku student....so move on people...

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DA to meet with family of victim in fatal hit-and-run

Well as I have previously stated and won't repeat my self here but Told You So ...So the truth won't ever be known and really nobody will care so marches on the history of a Drunk Driver....or drivers...The emotions are only meant to be twisted by people seeking financial compensation.....but never justice......so live with that and don't repeat the same stupid mistakes and say that you can handle it by thinking ...you are different....An acorn doesn't fall far from the oak.... so don't drink it isn't worth it ...especially at stupid disgusting bars...the costs are too great ....

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Do you think abstinence education should be taught in public schools?

A man's morality will dictated his theology and or philosophy ......the truth should be taught and the principles taught by abstinence could work for those that are indeed aware of the moral laws in force. These have deterred unwanted pregnancy and allot of the STD's that are out there which are more of a possibility and more damaging then the plain how to sex ed. Condoms fail at an alarming rate.. So really if it is my kid they will indeed know the facts not the "cool" excuses of self gratifying self serving wham blabbers who make fun of anything that stand against plain common sense ......Just say no .....because there are cost involved that may last for a lifetime.....or longer.....believe it or not ....you will still be held accountable.....someday....absolutely .....there are absolutes.....like it or not....

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Faith Forum: Are people who have never heard of Jesus excluded from heaven?

You know it doesn't really matter what you think or how you sugar coat it with your coexist theology....Jesus said I am the way ...not a way ...The Way....There are many assumptions about God but context context context....don't pull out what you want to use....Read the whole story in context and then apply it ...Read for yourself, it is written for any or all to know, without any sugar coating, painting only the reality of the mess man has made of this world from the original sin. This sin all have (everyone) no matter how pathetic or cute or innocent.The foolish denial of God...or twisting your philosophy or faith to accommodate your justifying of your pet sins. The hope of the world lies within the pages of the Bible.Now if you really want to know you can for sure, but remember there is a way that seems right for man but the end is death....so I wouldn't gamble with eternity...read the gospel of John and decide for your self ...try to understand that it is written for you to understand ....Without the emotionally charged ravings....work at your own pace and make your up your own mind ...the thief on the cross,at least one of them will be there and so can YOU.....or not....

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