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Kobach had duty to publicize new voting schedule; it appears that he didn't

This part is hilarious "Kobach put out information through social media as soon as advance voting began"
Except that he illegally blocks Kansans on social media. http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_ten...

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Conservative legal group to push for school choice in Kansas

I think Representative Nancy Lusk summarized it best when she tweeted "I attended. Seems their solution to too many school finance lawsuits is to set up a new non-profit for the purpose of bringing more lawsuits"

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A spectator’s guide to the special legislative session

Don't forget that our current legislators like adding bad bits of policy, "little turds" as Senator Melcher refers to them, to make a clean bill encumbered with 6-8 pieces uncalled for policy.
In 2014, House Bill 2506 was passed late one Sunday evening, and contained an unconstitutional provision to divert taxpayer dollars to church schools. That piece of bad policy that died in committee, became law.
Beware of zombie bills such as "banning Common Core because it teaches porn", and forcing transgender students to stop using the bathroom they've been pooping & peeing in for years.
Expect shenanigans.
-Devin Wilson

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Kansas lawmakers mull plans to keep schools open

Thanks so much for posting the live feed! I was able to take a break and see some of the testimony and Q&A. -Devin

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Report calls for overhauling school finance

Here's a link to Senator Hensley's / Rep Winn & Trimmer Minority Report for comparison https://t.co/romvkA1hBU
*Warning: contains logic and reason*

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Kansas lawmakers pin hopes on efficiency study

Alvarez Marsal preliminary recommendations: sell woodchippers, add 50 KDOR staff. Anyone else think it's odd #ksleg is exempted from the study?
Also don't be fooled. In 2014, we played the 'efficiency' game with the K12 Performance and Efficiency Commission. We didn't need to spend $2.7 million when we're ignoring the results of that commish. #efficiency
Also, here's a collection of articles on Alvarez Marsal from a friend
Alvarez & Marsal in the news http://education-ksucats96.blogspot.c...

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Editorial: Classroom costs

Here's a good article on "Classroom Costs"

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Questions on classroom spending cloud Kansas schools debate

About those "dollars in the classroom"
Game On for Kansas Schools explains this here, with help from Emporia Superintendent...
September 20, 2015
All budget dollars support classroom
Well said, Emporia Superintendent Theresa Davidson. We, too, share the goal of efficient and effective school spending but we are tired of the misuse of the terms “classroom” and “administrative” spending which are loosely defined, exclude/include many types of spending people think of as “classroom” spending and fail to acknowledge the important functions of the different types of spending.

“Indeed, the heart of our work in education is all about students and teachers in the classroom. Who can argue the challenge from state policymakers and politicians to ‘put more money into the classroom’? Nothing is more important than the lessons that prepare a student for the world outside that classroom. And yet, I struggle to identify anything or anyone in our schools that doesn’t end up ‘in the classroom.’

“The August 12 Tallman Education Report from the Kansas Association of School Boards contains an easy-to-understand explanation of what goes directly and indirectly into the classroom. Across the state, districts spend on average 51 percent of the budget for Instruction – teacher, aides and classroom materials. Yet, the remaining 49 percent of district expenditures support the classroom in some way.”

Read more here: http://www.emporiagazette.com/opinion...

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Kobach to announce prosecutions

Is it a crime for the SOS office to lose a candidate filing application for office? It was turned in, but the office lost it. A candidate was forced to change political affiliation and refile at a later date.

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Firm hired to find Kansas efficiencies has track record of cost overruns, mixed results

Was contract with the firm performance-based, with a maximum fee not-to-exceed?
-Devin brick Wilson

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