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Legislative leaders want school finance overhaul

Changing the formula does NOTHING to adequately fund it. (track BSAPP over the years) We've exhausted the K12 Performance and Efficiency Commission shenanigans, and found districts across the state have ALREADY realized efficiencies, and have been continuing recessionary temporary sacrifices. They were told those sacrifices would only be temporary at the time, but it seems that the Legislature has conveniently forgotten.
But hey, changing how we count education funding (do we count KPERS or not today?? ) changes the amount of funding, right?
Smoke and mirrors, folks, nothing to see here.
Still confused about school funding? Talk to your teachers. Pass out a dozen, no TWO dozen Valentines to an elementary school class and see how many kids are left out. These are the realities, and 99% of the blame rests with Topeka.
Devin Wilson Lenexa JO by way of JW,RL,HS

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Kansas governor working on proposed budget fixes

And we voted most of the problem lawmakers back in, along with Governor Brownback, who claimed he didn't know any more than common Kansas citizens about the looming budget kerfuffle. Why must we learn everything the hard way? Speaker Ray Merrick needs to visit some schools, talk to some teachers about school funding before making any more uninformed choices. Raiding the Bank of KDOT is not sound fiscal policy.

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Kansas lawmakers attend ALEC meeting in D.C.

Watch the video @StandUpToALEC: The Secret ALEC Conference You Don’t Know About: #StandUptoALEC #ALECSNPS @AFSCME

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Lawmakers study pros and cons of moving municipal elections to November

Ask yourself, who is for partisan local elections, and why?
Kansas Secretary of Electioneering Kris Kobach supports this. American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC is pumping a lot of money trying to control our local city council elections, school board elections with this:
I don't believe the outcomes of our elections should be controlled by the highest bidder. But these guys do:
it is real.
Devin "brick" Wilson

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Policy experts, at KU, debate Kansas' fiscal situation

Hi Dave.
You have never quantified what you consider "an efficient government" or "an efficient school" or percent operational efficiency you are shooting for. You are for reducing services which does save money, but reducing Level of Service is not realizing efficiencies. Those are cuts. Some may be for cuts in service, some may want increases in services a.k.a. "Government", parks, public safety and infrastructure, public schools.
I attended your presentation on education funding last year. I have learned a lot since then.
Devin Wilson

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KU students raise funds to pay for records request

Keep up the good work! #transparency

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Republicans call for removal of former legislator from education panel

One of the members of the Commission was paid to lobby for this part of #HB2506 (Education funding bill), Senate added this to the ed funding bill without running it through committee, it passes 9:15p Sunday April 6th while the house operating on 3hr sleep.
Said lobbyist coincidentally gets appointed to the Commission. Said lobbyist thinks efficiencies are doing away with extracurriculars. Sorry, cuts aren't efficiencies.
Also, getting tired of Topeka strong arming their way into Commissions, Committees, local governments.
Am I the only one that thinks things are a little fishy here?
-Devin brick Wilson

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Kansas teachers union to efficiency panel: 'Stop cutting'

Hi Dave. (fyi other readers, we've met)
Changing the way we count funding, doesn't change the amount of funding going to schools, going to classrooms. This is a common fallacy promulgated by Dave Trabert, Shawn Sullivan, Governor Sam Brownback, and others. I wish just moving $$$ from column to column in a ledger sheet would *magically* add funding. FACT: It doesn't. We can no longer compare total funding accurately from year to year, since we are changing the way it is counted, due to the Supreme Court.
People understand the source of your data, and it's validity. What you then do to the data is highly suspect.
You may not care to admit it, but this "record funding" is paying back KPERS, which has been neglected, and bonds.
True factual fact: in USD 512, class sizes are at record levels, and we are reducing paraprofessionals. The bad choices in Topeka for the past several years are causing real and permanent damage. My kiddo doesn't get to go back to Kindergarten to retake it with a class size of 15-17. All those kids got by with a ROCKSTAR of a teacher who was able to pull off successfully teaching 26 energetic, enthusiastic kiddos! Not all teachers are superhuman, sadly, and we are losing good ones.
Flashing back to pre-recession times, with the Montoy decision, the courts forced the Kansas Legislature to come up with a funding number. They agreed on a Base Student Aid Per Pupil number. Adjusting for inflation, BSAPP would have been in 2013 $6001 We're at $3838 + $14 with the ed funding bill. Quite a gap. And we're supposed to squeeze tighter, and make up this funding gap with efficiencies, AND increase performance? As the formerly respectable journalist John Stossel puts so eloquently, "Give me a break!"

Side note to readers: Ask your teachers, what they would do first if schools were adequately funded? LET'S DO THIS! GET IN THE GAME!
Devin Wilson
Lenexa KS

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Editorial: Closed campaigns

Candidates can block constituents, and delete their questions and comments at will, despite first Amendment rights on a public Facebook candidate site. A forum is an opportunity to put candidates on equal footing to demonstrate their understanding and views of the issues.

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Kansas taxes fell $217M short in May

We have until November to see if this tax experiment is truly a shot of adrenaline. It's hard to remain optimistic.

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