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Kobach to announce prosecutions

Is it a crime for the SOS office to lose a candidate filing application for office? It was turned in, but the office lost it. A candidate was forced to change political affiliation and refile at a later date.

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Firm hired to find Kansas efficiencies has track record of cost overruns, mixed results

Was contract with the firm performance-based, with a maximum fee not-to-exceed?
-Devin brick Wilson

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KU, ASU and Lawrence public schools partnering to use comprehensive approach to help struggling students

This will be great, important research, but I must state the obvious. In many cases, reducing class sizes would go a long way in addressing some of these challenges.
Devin brick Wilson

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Meeker resigns as Democratic Party chair

It was a mutiny in the works for weeks, if not months.

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Kansas statistician battles government to determine whether vote count is flawed

Wow. I assumed that our voting machines had a paper trail for accountability. This is a HUGE problem. We should be able to verify EACH election.
I was ridiculed by my Senator Smithw when I offered suggestions for making voting easier, like a smartphone app. You can automate a screen capture that emails results to the voter + the Secretary of State's office.
That is way more accountable than our current electronic voting machines.

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Despite ruling, gay couples in Kansas still battling for recognition

Supporting discrimination is costly and time consuming. Same sex marriage does not affect Straight marriage, or what straight people do in their own bedrooms, beyond the reach of our government.
Liberty for all!

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School funding lawsuit could set stage for constitutional showdown

Meanwhile, class sizes see no relief, paraprofessionals are being rationed, fees are being increased 180 teachers are leaving send for early retirement, poverty increases but we are holding funding even for two years IF we choose to fully fund a block grant formula.
Should my fellow 280,000-330,000 Kansans who pay zero income tax start chipping in? Maybe a well educated workforce isn't a big deal for them.

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Superintendent: Lawrence response to state cuts may also include district cuts, not just tax bump

Here we go again. Dave Trabert's spin is dizzying. Is KPERS considered school funding today, Dave?
Watch "Bikini Statistics and the Kansas Policy Institute"

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Court denies Shawnee Mission's motion to intervene in school finance case

I will elaborate on Shawnee Mission School District's "relatively low poverty rate"

"In nine years, the number of students enrolled in the district’s free and reduced lunch program has increased from 17.25 percent to 37.84 percent this year. There are over 10,000 students district-wide that are near or below the poverty line, and last year alone 451 homeless students were identified and assisted in the district."
Poverty didn't get your memo.

Despite receiving a 100% efficiency rating by S&P in '07, finding $1.5 M in administrative efficiencies, we are still cutting programs in SMSD, and have K-3 class sizes well above 15-17, what studies have consistently shown the maximum before reduction in learning tapers off dramatically, and are rationing paraprofessionals this school year. SMSD is hardly immune from problems affecting ALL Kansas school districts.

Addressing the $545,000,000 Gannon estimated inadequacy must come logically before inequity can be addressed. But sadly, politics comes before pragmatics.

We are in this together.
Devin "brick" Wilson
Lenexa Kansas

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Editorial: Taxing situation

This kind of infighting is exactly what Cons in the Statehouse want. Divide and conquer. Passing the burden to local entities is affectionately referred to as "local control". Pitting schools against local munis diverts the blame for tax cuts at the state level that we cannot afford.
Fact: The Great Recession has been over for more than 5 years.
Fact: The K12 Performance and Efficiency Commission found no smoking gun of inefficiency, only cuts.
Fact: The Gannon decision found that we are underfunding K12 education by $540,000,000
Fact: the Lawrence Journal World endorsed Governor Brownback for reelection November 4th.

Don’t let the Legislature pit us against each other.

Devin 'brick' Wilson
for ALL Kansas schoolkids

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