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Lawrence woman reports waking up to burglar in her bedroom

Yes, know the laws.
Kansas has adopted a form of the Castle Doctrine, which allows persons who feel threatened within their home, work, or vehicle to use physical or deadly force if necessary

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Lawrence may be asking downtown businesses to pay for library parking garage

Look at the parking at the riverfront. It's rarely ever filled. Granted, the library is closer to the center of downtown, but I have to agree with Ernst on this one.

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City lags in future planning

Must be a family member. No one that works for him would agree with anything in this statement.

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City lags in future planning


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House approves tax cuts despite misgivings

I agree on the tax cuts, but no one has offered any insight to how the state will cover that 350 million dollar reduction in revenue. Wasn't the 2012 budget near a $500 million dollar deficit as it was?

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City approves special district tax

Let these morons know what you think. Here's their info.


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Public checks out hybrid bus at Lawrence City Hall

Add another big fat goose egg for jobs saved/created by using Federal "stimulus" money.

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House approves increase in minimum wage

I agree that the state minimum wage is shameful and should be increased, but to have this kind of major 1 step increase is ludicrous! All studies in the past have shown that "modest minimum wage increases have had no negative effects", but no one has looked at the effects of such a large increase. Step the minimum up over a span of 5 - 10 years. Otherwise, I think you will see the negative effects that opponents are always toting. Remember - the money has to come from somewhere!

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Who is Scott Pioli?

Hmm. Looked at the poll, looked at espn, read the comments.. I'm going back to my rock now...

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