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Fox not a news organization

"It is what it is". That is the way I feel about Fox News or any other news source in the country. All media is propaganda, always has been, and why are we surprised when it is suddenly so obvious?
And no more obvious than with the debt "crisis". The misinformation from the media and from the President and Speaker themselves has been monumental. "Seniors won't get their Social Security checks". The reality is that it would take 6 months to change the computer systems to NOT send the checks. The government won't default on its obligations. The real reality is that first the Federal Government will halt or delay its funds paid to the states for highways, medicaid, etc. Which would make our state budget issues even more significant.

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Fox not a news organization

Just whose side they are on.

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No One is Against Child Labor

I really don't see the reason for this blog posting. Starting each paragraph with "No one is really against child labor" is amusing. You correctly state that this, as well as many other issues/arguments ("the debt ceiling will mean that you won't get your Social Security checks!"), are emotionally based, and you show it by using emotionally stirring ("awww") pics of kids.
But I'm not sure that I would have chosen this as the blog of the day.

In addition, "no one is really against clean air" either, except maybe the coal plant north of town. Lawrence, known as the "conscience" of KS", as many posters have said, and it has the badge of honor of a coal plant right next to the interstate exit.

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What did you get at the Sidewalk Sale?

Heat exhaustion. OMG it was hot.

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Wichita plant accidentally releases chemicals into Little Arkansas River

And because of the drought there is no water in the Arkansas River to dilute the chemicals.

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Science takes a beating in early presidential campaign

Most Christians, including Michelle Bachmann, do not realize what ID means. It does NOT mean YEC. It means evolution that was kicked off by a designer. MIchael Behe, the poster child of ID, absolutely believes in evolution, just not that it started as chance.

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Cargill settles lawsuit over wages at Nebraska plant

They only got $4 to $6 a week, and a total of $2K?
This was actually a big deal! The timeclock was on the inside of the clean area and the workers could not punch in until they put on all their garb. There was a big unpaid lag before and after work and at breaks and lunch. Should have been more than $4 a week.
The only winners here are the lawyers.

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Pledge costs Bachmann a young voter

And equally ridiculous for candidates to sign a pledge without reading it (because they have to) and then say that they didn't agree with everything in the pledge "oh I didn't agree with that part about slavery".

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