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Brownback hints at need for more KBA scrutiny; supporters say it's not needed

Brownback wants the KBA so he can spread the money around like peanut butter to his friends. Thornton;s approach was much more about investments that create jobs and accountability. The forensic audit shows this. So the distinction is clear, do we want growth or Brownback's political payoffs?

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Brownback hints at need for more KBA scrutiny; supporters say it's not needed

This wasn't just an audit, this was a forensic audit and the forensic audit determined that KBA's investments were sound. KBA board chairman, Dan Watkins, stated today that the forensic audit met the administrations goals of examining all questions raised about the KBA and it's affairs. This is a witch hunt.

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Audit criticizes Kansas Bioscience Authority, leader

This audit is political vandetta against THornton and can't be any more triumphant in tarnishing his reputation then trying to stick an oyster in a slot machine!! Come on people! The KBA won $650 million in federal money, luring companies and researchers. It was a national model for bioscience growth setting the highest water mark to date thanks to Thornton's leadership! Now it's a toady to Brownback's conservative agenda. Sad the KBA and THornton should be dragged through this politics. I'm outraged at the expense of the audit and let's remind ourselves who's paying for it in the end...

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