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Officers locate missing 8-year-old after two-hour search

I want to put a special thank you to anyone and everyone that helped in locating the missing boy

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Lawrence man, 23, killed after hitting deer on I-35

Thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. Thoughts and prayers also go out to all the lives this young man was involved in.

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KU women advance to Sweet 16 with upset over third-seeded Delaware

the last time was in 1996, the women lost to Tennessee and the men defeated Arizona before losing to Syracuse in the Elite 8

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St. Patrick's Day parade

I can't believe that there is no pictures of the Allen Fieldhouse float that had the 2008 Championship Bike...This should have taken first place not the Sandbar like every other year in the past.

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

ESPN reported that both were locks for the first round.. I wish them well in the NBA.

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Pair arrested after call to Walmart

i seen this happen and it was crazy my question is why is she not charged with stealing the truck????????????

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19-year-old killed, 4 injured in car accident

Unless you knew Casey then dont open your mouth because you know nothing about him. Why dont you all get a life, job or different hobby than this.

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19-year-old killed, 4 injured in car accident

Thank you codilynr1026 Just wanted to come on here and set it all straight yes Casey loved the rebel flag but just because he did doesn't mean he was racist becuase he wasnt at all. Casey loved everyone no mater what color they are. People in here see a comment about a rebel flag and assume that we are racist. Well once again your wrong!!!

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19-year-old killed, 4 injured in car accident

The family and close friends of Casey has enough to deal with at this time. Me being one of those people wish that if you are here just to talk bad about Casey and critisize what happened I wish you would either stop talking or leave. I know not everyone in here is a prefect little angel and we all have done one thing wrong at one time or another. So talking in here like you have never done anything wrong or made a mistake in you life is wrong. Yea Casey made a big mistake but he didnt deserve to pay for that mistake with his life. Another thing you need to stop and think of his family and how they feel in all of this. Stop thinking of yourselves for a minute. Casey will be missed and loved forever!!! RIP Casey

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19-year-old killed, 4 injured in car accident

Thank you to the ones that made the memorial for Casey. We did get a message to his mom and let her know. Once again thanks to the ones that made it. It was a big shock to learn that he had died. He had been friends with our family since he was about 5-6 I looked at him like he was one of my little brothers. My prayers are with his family and friends. Casey you will never be forgotten but will always be missed!!!!! We love you!!!!

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