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Democrats drop demand for pullout date

RonaldW., it's not that your first comment was "hawkish," but rather that it was downright belligerent. It just seems to me that the words you chose to use implied that you are either a veteran or are willing to be in order to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

And yes, if you are a vet it would change my opinion of your first post. It would show me that you mean it, and I would have respect for that.

I'd love to continue....but need to go and won't see a computer until late morning tomorrow, so I'll just leave it at that.

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Democrats drop demand for pullout date

"Wow, the old "can't comment on war strategy unless you're a veteran" comments started quick."

Woah, possession. If you think RonaldW.'s first comment was a "comment on war strategy" and not a hyped-up, balls-out, knuckle-dragging idiot remark...

I have no problem with non-vets speaking about war strategy....I'm not a vet, but I still have a view on the war. There's nothing wrong with that. But to put down the rubbish that RonaldW. did seems a bit over the top, yes?

Not trying to pick a fight with you, possession...just wanting to clarify my question to RonaldW.

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Democrats drop demand for pullout date

RonaldWilson, are you a veteran? Active service? Guard? Reserve?

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Democrats drop demand for pullout date

"can't fight a war with 535 little generals. there has to be one CnC constitutionally and for prosecuting a war to actually work."

Agreed....kinda. What about the new "War Czar"?

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View disputed

This guy sounds like the typical bad guy (old caretaker, etc.) from Scooby Doo. "If it weren't for those meddling kids!"

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Domestic registry approved

My lunacy detector just went off.

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Falwell flaws

"If Falwells death were to confirm only one thing for me, it would be my guess that many on this forum are gay and/or athiest."

What's your point?

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Sheltered lives

Bevy: Why is spelling not important? Why is spelling not important to a teacher?

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Falwell's integrity

"Oh and BTW, I trust those who assuredly dimiss Fahwell's rationale for 9/11 can prove he was wrong."

Just assuredly as you can prove he was right.


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Falwell's integrity

Ah, good ol' FaHwell.

Ooh, that's fun to type! Fahwell. Fahwell. FAHWELL!

I digress.

Lefty, two points:
1. This is America, not Lebanon. We (as in you and I...all of us) have freedom of speech here. But by all means, keep bitching. It's your constitutional right to do so.
2. I didn't know Jesus was a conservative? Maybe even a Republican? Or even an American? How would he characterize himself? I can see it in red typeface now: "I am not a blathering liberal!"

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