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Lecompton, resident square off over 'junk'

The cops have a junky yard? I live in the neighborhood. They've always seemed well manicured to me. In the dog days of summer time the generic, yellow day lillies get kind of ratty looking, but what can you do?

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Lecompton, resident square off over 'junk'

The south east corner of 11th & New Hampshire would be the police station.

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Man dies from injuries in motorcycle accident

Those evil round-abouts are just the tip of the iceberg. Let's tear out all roads where there's ever been a fatality. For that matter, travelling at speeds in excess of 30 mph is really dangerous; let's reduce all speed limits to 30 mph or less. Recently a pedestrian was hit by a car downtown; we should ban all motorized vehicles on Mass St.

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Rude shirts a disservice to KU spirit, group says

""We're the University of Kansas, and we're classy. We're better than that, quite frankly," said Matt Baysinger,"

You are definately the kind of weenie KU fan the sports radio guys make us all out to be.

The bigger deal you make about it, the more popular the shirts will be. Or they might even be replaced by something more offensive. Ignore it, and it will probably go away on it's own.

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Boog, Dadaism and the Chesty Lions

They like to tease us about the Dorothy thing, but it's the anti-evolution headlines that make them think we're all morons.

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Bill could put limits on book choices

"The practical effect of this defense is that materials that would be illegal if sold at a porn shop may be legal if displayed to a kindergarten class," said Rep. Lance Kinzer, R-Olathe, who sought the legislation.

What materials would these be? Like a cookie and milk, because the smut shop doesn't have a food license? What would you find in a Kansas kindergarten class that is too obscene for a porno shop? Typical fear mongering conservative BS!!

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Kansas House rejects minimum wage increase

Does anyone know where I can find information on how many pay raises, and how much, the Kansas House and Senate have given themselves since 1988?

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Brownback doesn't like the longer hours, either

I just heard on the radio that the Senate is taking a 10 day recess for Presidents' Day. How many working Americans will get Presidents' Day off, let alone a 10 day weekend? No wonder nothing gets done. We need a way to fire these lazy a-holes between elections.

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Brownback doesn't like the longer hours, either

A veteran of the "do nothing congress" complaining about working on Saturday, what a surprise.

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Homeless census has 'stunning' result

"Can anyone tell me why health insurance covers Viagra but not birth control?"

No profit in birth control.

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