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Emporia man killed by train in Edgerton

This man was my childhood friend. I've known him since 8th grade. Pray for him, he was a wonderful person. Had one of the biggest hearts I have ever known. He was strong and talented.

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Kline sues Sebelius to end state-funded abortion

Kline's idea here is to get the court to say that life begins at conception. (what's sad is that he is attacking low-income, victims to do it) Kline has been on a very public cursade against abortion (as we all I'm sure are well aware) for years now. What sickens me is that it is for his own personal political gain. He just loves being mentioned by CNN.

GOP- Good Ol' Pharisees (just my opinion of Kline)

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Kline seeks court order prohibiting state-funded abortions

Manson2k- great post, you're correct on Kline using this issue solely for political gain. I just wish others would see it as well. Also, it was very kind of you to share your own personal story with porkribs. I hope he takes your advice for his own health. Again, great post.

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Attorney in evolution case not licensed in Kansas

Evolution and faith are NOT mutually exclusive. Being a devout Christian myself, and possessing a university education, I believe in an initial intelligent designer, with His hand guiding the scientific theory (backed up with scientific fact) of evolution.

However, this has NOTHING to do with the question of if intelligent design should be taught in our schools. There is no scientific support, as of yet, to point to when trying to teach intelligent design. What are biology teachers to use to reference intelligent design? The Bible? The Koran? I think not, as it would be a violation of church and state. Evolution on the other hand can point to geology, anthropology, biology, and other areas of science to support it.

It's not the job of biology teachers to teach intelligent design. It is the responsibility of the parents and the church. Are our churches falling down on the job here? Or are they trying to shirk their duties by passing the buck so to speak? I don't think so. What I do think is that the church is trying to do is to widen their area of influence into our public school system, which is patently wrong.

I was deeply troubled to see the bashing of Mr. Irigonegaray in one posters message. I have close ties, professionally and personally to this man's coleges and have spoken with him myself. Let me assure you this man is not an "ambulance chaser". He is well known and highly respected throughout the state.

It is extremely important that we have attorneys who are licenced to practice in Kansas participating in this important debate. Laws and procedure vary from state to state, and allowing this man to decieve others by leading them to think he was licenced to pratice in Kansas is a danger to our legal system here. I think it also shows a low standard of ethics and morality on his part that could taint his position, right or wrong.

HELP, my religion has been hyjacked by extremists!

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Why do you think Ann Coulter decided to speak in Lawrence?

I am so tired of people assuming that all Democrats are "liberals" or "extremistists", don't people realize this is part of the GOP plan? and might I add it has worked with great success. Why isn't this woman demonstrating the "Christian values" that the GOP use as their base? Nothing that woman said represented a true Christain opinion. Not one word. I feel so sorry for someone who is so full of hate and who is so close minded. Judgement is mine says the lord, and I really will be praying for this womans soul; base on her comments, she needs it.

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Do you think Howard Dean can inspire Kansas Democrats to increase their influence?

"Defense is a lot broader than swaggering around saying you're going to kick Saddam's butt," Dean said Thursday, drawing cheers from the crowd.
Perle said the war in Iraq was justified based on the intelligence available at the time. "Sometimes the things we have to do are objectionable to others," he said.

Dean also said the Bush administration has ignored the mounting threat in Iran and North Korea. "We picked the low hanging fruit in Iraq and did nothing" about the other, more dangerous regimes, he said.

cnn.com 2-18-05

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