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Records review raises concerns about quality of inspections for $92.5 million in school district projects

The school district is not the victim. Doll and district facilities managers should be held accountable for this situation. Weinaug should in hot water for the Kobach/Sherman debacle.

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Two commissioners want the city to reconsider inspections of Lawrence schools after child injured

"Lack of the necessary number of Code Enforcement inspectors starts at the top of city hall not in the office of code enforcement."

I don't disagree with this, but we have found the Code Enforcement manager to be less than effective in dealing with concerns that are a direct violation of city policy.

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Two commissioners want the city to reconsider inspections of Lawrence schools after child injured

"if Lawrence citizens want code enforcement it is up to the citizens to discover violations, then report the violations then hope city hall will back up their findings with a tough response. "

This is too true. There were problems with city's Code Enforcement office monitoring violations before the rental licensing/inspection program was started years ago. With the expanded rental licensing program Code Enforcement has added staff, but they still have not adequately handled the long term problems we’ve had in our neighborhood. Maybe Code Enforcement needs a new manager.

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Disrepair of Lawrence’s sidewalks concerns pedestrian-bicycle task force

Cities should be responsible for maintaining the sidewalks.

There should be a task force concerning the condition of Lawrence's streets. Some of our streets are like the streets in KCMO.

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Editorial: Confidence

"Some observers said that the no-bid contract to build the city’s new recreation center at Rock Chalk Park angered many voters and undermined their trust in the commission."

Not just the commission, we are very disappointed with how KU Endowment handled this.

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Lawrence twins, associate found guilty of conspiracy in $17 million federal drug case

Thought the previous convictions made the minimum 20 years.

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Testimony from 'Spiderman,' co-defendant in federal drug case, unfurls web of connections

These three guys ran a drug house for several years near our neighborhood. Sure hope the Feds convict them.

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Sen. Roberts calls on HHS Secretary Sebelius to resign

That is for sure.

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South Lawrence Trafficway contract to be awarded Sept. 18; construction to begin soon after

I hope it's going to be 4 lanes. It's too bad that the western portion of the bypass is only 2 lanes.

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