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Back to School?!

Aldi on a Sunday? Aldi has been closed on Sundays for as long as I can remember.

Once again, are there no editors here?

Just because you label something as a blog doesn't mean you're not responsible for the content...

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Holiday weekend could bring 50,000 people to Clinton Lake

Why does the Web editor feel the need to comment on every story?

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KU’s newspaper, TV station to merge newsrooms

It's interesting that no one writing about this ever even asked students -- those who will be most affected -- what they think of the move. The Kansan moving isn't voluntary. And it isn't out of some urge to improve multimedia story-telling as the press release (and Hyland's once again lazily reported story) would have you think. The Journalism School just wanted more space. This had nothing to do with curicculum. The Kansan is not part of the Journalism School. It's a student-run org. The only relationship the two have is that of landlord-tenant. This move will probably eventually be good for students. And having the two newsrooms combined will likely prove valuable. But, let's not pretend like this was a complete win-win. Stop writing press release stories and start reporting! If you don't do any reporting, how do you call yourself a reporter? Tell the whole story!

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Holding their liquor in Lincoln

Worst series ever!!!

Make it stop...

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Holding their liquor in Lincoln

Worst series ever!!!

Make it stop...

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Police aren't the only ones in Lincoln battling underage drinking, out-of-control parties

So, not only is the Lawrence Journal-World making a judgment call that two alcohol-related (related being the key in one case) deaths represents a systematic problem with alcohol use. But, the writer is also making a judgment that Lincoln has effectively solved alcohol-related issues and is a model of what Lawrence should become. This story talks to the police chief, bar owners, university officials and the student body president. Do we really expect them to air out their dirty laundry? Of course they're going to make themselves look good. Where are the real students, the real townspeople? If you talked to the same people in Lawrence, you would have had the same story, other than the two deaths. This story is a joke...

Please write about things happening here that affect people here.

And who really expects someone among the ranks at the LJ-World to do anything but defend it's infallible work...

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U. of Iowa takes over study abroad program

This story is misleading. KU had no choice in regards to the move. The program's coordinator in Italy chose to move the program. Read the article that this reporter based this story on: http://www.kansan.com/stories/2008/de... you're going to steal a story, you might as well steal the whole thing...

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