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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

The notion that the City of Lawrence (as in the governmental entity) is somehow preventing development in north or east Lawrence is both laughable and inaccurate. Development literally happens where there is demand and income potential. The city simply facilitates the process by planning for infrastructure and granting land use and zoning approvals. If a developer wanted to put in a new commercial or residential development in north or east Lawrence, I guarantee that City Hall would bend over backwards to assist in this process. Development is happening rapidly in west Lawrence because (for better or worse) people want to live and shop there.

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Lawrence home sales continue rise in 2013, builders begin to pick up pace on new construction

Chad -

This my favorite column in the newspaper. You do a great job. Thanks.

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KU officials break ground on Rock Chalk Park; set goal of hosting 2014 Kansas Relays at site

Any idea on when they can then remove the track from the football stadium and the various field facilities from the area of the stadium?

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Actual enrollment patterns not matching forecasts

So we are subsidizing small classes at the older schools while class sizes keep getting bigger in the newer schools? What idiot predicted that new growth would take place in central and east Lawrence? Everyone knows that Lawrence is still growing to the west.

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Brownback says he wants more transparency in property taxes; Corliss said requirements already there

+1 Why are local governments opposed to having an extra vote to raise the mill levy and allowing their citizens to testify at a public hearing? Something tells me that they want to continue to be able to perpetuate the myth that they are not actually increasing taxes by almost 10% each year.

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City officials to consider fate of 9th, N.H. plan

If the City Commission turns down this project, then maybe we can finally get rid of this idiotic historic environs review process. The process has only become a tool to help the anti-development nuts stifle good development proposals.

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Brownback unveils new school finance plan, focuses on local property taxes

Brilliant (mocking). Let's eliminate the state income tax and then put the entire responsiblity for funding local and state government on the backs of property owners through exponentially increasing property taxes.

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Building the case for historic preservation

A career made out of telling other people what to do with their own property. Why are we celebrating this?

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Missouri’s exit would be no great loss for the Big 12

Go post somewhere else you MU troll!

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