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Occupy Lawrence members report crimes at South Park camp

Nothing but a pile of trash down there anyway. May as well relocate the entire bunch to the city dump. And then forget about them.

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Occupy Lawrence notifies city that some campers plan to stay in South Park despite warnings from city

Really simple solution. Load them all up into a van take them out to the country, preferrably 30 to 40 miles out, and dump them there. You want to "camp" do it where it is supposed to be done, not in the city park. So many solutions are then solved!!

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Theatre Lawrence receives city funding to help with new $6.2 million theater

What a total WASTE of money!!! Left wing loons will never learn that there IS NOT an endless supply of money!

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National Endowment for the Arts says it can no longer give funding to Kansas, in wake of Brownback budget cuts

See more proof the arts commission is a joke and doesn't deserve to be funded. Now let's move on to the bigger issues facing our state.

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Town Talk: Grinding out more details on Dillons; Civil War events and what Lawrence ought to do to mark a tragic anniversary; Downtown Lawrence planning shopping event

Who cares what Dillons does over there. The current place is known as the dirty Dillons and will always be that way. I predict within a year of the "new" store opening, it will be yet again the dirty Dillons.

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Lawrence City Commission approves funding for SRS office

Yet another complete waste of our tax dollars in this town!! The left needs to WAKE UP and realize there isn't an unlimited supply of money. The SRS office needs to be closed and those that use it, need to grow up and take responsibility for your own situation.

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One person taken to Topeka hospital after motorcycle accident on Highway 40, near Shawnee County line

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July 5th Overnight Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Only communists and socialists want to dampen our celebration of our countries independence. Don't like the fireworks, buy ear plugs!

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Planned Parenthood sues Kansas officials over funding

and I, for one, am not interested in footing the bill for left-wing social engineering schemes.

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Arts officials concerned over de-funding precedent set by Kansas governor

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