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Mental health crisis calls — doubled in past decade — weigh on minds of police, health agencies

I am thrilled that the LJW has done away with anonymous comments but I now realize that there is the possibility for confusion when there are multiple people with the same name.

I'm not making any comments one way or another on the article or the previous comment by "Scott Morgan" but I have been asked if I am the Scott Morgan who posted and I am not. I am, for better or worse, the Scott Morgan who spent eight interesting years on the school board.

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Lawrence High girls cross country wins at Manhattan

We appreciate the coverage but the headline is wrong. The LHS girls won the meet. The third paragraph of the story has it right with LHS placing first with 51 points, Manhattan was second with 53.

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Former Kansas governor William Avery dies at age 98

Bill Avery was an incredibly decent and pleasant man. Even if many do not remember the work he did, many have benefited from his efforts. He may just be a footnote in Kansas history but some of those footnotes are really nice people. Kansas is better for Governor Avery having stepped forward.

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Faulty assumptions

The school board already considered this at their last meeting and decided not to object to the TIF. It is not on tonight's agenda: http://www.usd497.org/AboutUs/MeetThe....

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Haskell may charge for football parking

Just a quick correction. The story says: "The district pays Haskell $3,000 per year for use of the stadium "

I believe that is $3,000 per GAME (not year).

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