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Races for U.S. Senate, governor top ballot on Election Day

Humm those "left wingers" at McKinsey seem to differ with your view Andy...

Yeah free market that is what republicans like isn't it? Score one for RomneyCare.

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Fluoride fight pits oral health advocates against those who say their science is outdated

Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.

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Democrats sense a chance of defeating Republican Kobach in secretary of state's race

The question still remains to jaf and the others why do we need a get out the info campaign to the people in suspense? Why do we have 20K voters in this state to prevent something that has never been proven here. And even if it did happen I can say it was in single to double digits so why is catching that problem overriding the rights of so many legitimate voters? It just doesn't make sense and will cost the state a lot of money. Of course the ones in suspense are likely democratic voters so I am sure they are rushing to fix it. It seems people are more up in arms, pardon the pun, about permits to carry taking to long to go through than that legitimate people can't vote in this state. 'Merica.

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First of all: KU women claim first Outdoor track crown

It is an observation not ignorance. I also claim there could be another reason for it so maybe you are right. Not taking anything away from them at all as it has nothing to do with it, it just struck me as interesting when the picture poped up as a social commentary. That is all, you can take it how you want or take it for what it was. But then again any comment about race at all these days either means you are a racist, ignorant, or a troll. God forbid we actually had an open and honest dialog on it instead of knee jerk reactions. Ugg you are right I am ruining this awesome achievement and should have realized this would be the reaction to an innocent observation.

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First of all: KU women claim first Outdoor track crown

First off awesome job ladies... Now a bit off topic but somewhat interesting to me was the natural racial segregation of the photo. Maybe it is just by relay teams or something and happened to work that way but it just struck me that even though many of the racial barriers have been broken down that people themselves still tend to voluntarily segregate themselves even on a "team".

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

This is a great story. Everyone should read it and be pissed.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

Thanks for some truth on this insidR. So many people saying I have to cut this and that for the ACA and are not even affected. but no one reads the details. it is not perfect but what legislation is to begin with? reform it, address cost and incentives that is how the system works. Papa John is so phony when he says he has to lay off people, maybe you should have treated your employees humanly to begin with? Or increase the cost of a pizza by 25 cents so your employees dont have to live in fear? but no have a party with Mitt in your 40 million dollar house and talk about how bad you have it.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

So as a subscriber to the Economist for 15 years your picking and choosing is amusing. On the whole they liked the reform but you would never get that from your comments. Though not perfect the ACA (thanks for calling it that by the way) is not bad but doesn't look at cost (as the Economist points out). So based on your objections the solution is to make the penalty higher so that it is punitive enough to be cheaper to provide benefits than pay the fine? I do like a flat rate plan that can be paid or subsidized by employers or tax deferred, kind of an all you can eat preventative care plan with insurance for catastrophic incidence. Employeer provided health care is broke when will people here realize what so many others have that a single payer solution, though it has issues, is far more cost effective?

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Legislation seeks to block federal gun laws on Kansas firearms

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