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Occupy Lawrence members report crimes at South Park camp

Nothing like some good old-fashioned victim-blaming in the morning! And to concur with the other commenters, I've followed the Occupy Lawrence camp closely and visited them on a couple of occasions and never heard any complaints about the LPD.

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KC police searching for missing 10-month-old

Agreed. This should absolutely be front page news. What a nightmare.

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Lawrence school board debates consolidation effort

It is far easier to demonize board members with ridiculous conspiracy theories than it is to engage the extremely difficult financial crisis that the board is facing. Also, it is incredibly sexist to call the man in question "Lastname" while calling the woman "the lovely Ms. Firstname."

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Lawrence school board debates consolidation effort

Sanburn was taking offense to being compared to Republicans closing the SRS office, which the story doesn't report. And please either enlighten us as to the grammatical incorrectness of "I take offense to that" or keep your ad hominem attacks (and educational superiority) to yourself.

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Police identify boy who drowned at Lone Star Lake

I was thinking about this boy and his family all night, and I am so deeply sorry to learn of this news. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, especially his mama.

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Lawrence community devastated, shocked by closing of its SRS office

It does seem highly unusual that Ottawa gets to keep their SRS office but a large community like Lawrence has to do without. This is very tragic indeed for those children, families, and individuals with disabilities who need access to these services in our community.

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Endorsing sin

How tiresome and discouraging when Individuals don't seem to understand that quoting a bible verse and asserting theology is not sound argument in a culture with a multiplicity of perfectly acceptable religious beliefs and non-beliefs.

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City continues street plowing overnight; Wind chill advisory replaces blizzard warning

Editors: apologies for the triviality, but it's = it is; its = possessive. There are two misuses of "it's" in this story. I tell my students to think of the apostrophe as the smashed dot on the i caused by the contraction of the word; if "it is" doesn't work in the context, there shouldn't be an apostrophe. :)

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Critical vote

This editorial disappoints me.

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