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Handling the heat before air conditioners

Very cool!

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Johnson County commissioners propose project to install K-10 cable-median barriers

"Gov. Sam Brownback ordered KDOT officials to work with Johnson County and Douglas County residents and officials to study whether to install cable-median barriers on K-10, although KDOT would make the final decision."

Awesome! That's about the only good thing you've done Brownie!

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Sixteen of 27 dogs rescued from Independence dog-fighting operation tested, ready for adoption

Your way of thinking should be put down. I'd be interested to know what, if any, type of dog training you have exactly. We don't have the country's best Humane Society, but they do a great job with what they are given. I'm sorry you had a poor experience with them, but I've had to deal with them a few times and even adopted a wonderful animal there and they have been nothing but great each time. Sorry to sound sore, but I grew up with a pit and he was a great family dog. He wasn't a rescued dog, but I have met several pits that have been rescued from cruel situations and they have all been sweet and extremely lovable beings. Dogs, like people, have different personalities. I do not disagree with the fact that some rescued dogs can not be reintroduced into having a normal life with normal owners. However to generalize and say that they should ALL be put down, is just ignorant.

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Midge Grinstead reinstated as executive director of the Lawrence Humane Society

You haters are dumb. Midge is the greatest! I'll never forget when I had to pick up my 17 year old cat that wandered outside, thanks to a silly roommate, who ended up at the Humane Society. I'd had my cat since I was 5, and felt so terrible that he'd gotten out...he was displaying signs of kitty Alzheimer's.....she was so nice and sweet about the ordeal. He passed a couple of years later, and I got Arte (the latest love of my life) from the Humane Society...wonderful place and a wonderful lady! I have nothing but excellent things to say about Midge! Love her!

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Lawrence man, owner of Fatso's, dies during hike in Grand Canyon

So, so, so, so sad. Gavin was a great person period.

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Honored teacher dies suddenly at Lawrence home

Wow. He was an amazing teacher. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. He made a really positive impact on my life, thanks Mr. Dunlap for everything.

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Ambulance, LifeStar leave scene of 'traumatic' injury accident without transporting patient

Hey Cheese...there's a sale at Hobby Lobby...So get a freaking hobby already. How rude and insensitive of you! Don't you realize someone was hurt? Do something with your life besides troll the JW comment section. Volunteer somewhere, Habitat for Humanity, LINK, anywhere...do some good with all of that energy!

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