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Food stamp fraud may be costing state $22M a year

Nobody needs to follow anyone around the store...it's called a barcode. If you go to pay with a vision card the items on the purchase that don't qualify are automatically detected by the register(like toilet paper). And when a person would use the vision card to pay it would leave a total of items that aren't accepted to be paid for and would leave a balance that the customer would then be responsible for paying for themselves. The stores would be able to program the registers to accept only approved food items that qualify as healthly to be paid for by the vision card. Just like if you get the wrong item and try to buy it with a WIC check the register automatically tells the cashier that this item doesn't qualify and you have to send the customer to get the correct item.

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Food stamp fraud may be costing state $22M a year

Those were example of food that costs about the same as ramen but is better for you.
If you must know no one in my household is overweight. I also make my own spaghetti sauce with olive oil with tomatoes, onions, and zuchinni grown from my own garden...but I am sure if I posted that as the example I would be informed that those on foodstamps don't have a garden. But just so you know the nutrition info on a jar of store bought sauce only contains 2.5 grams of fat, 10 g of carbs, and 2 g of protein per 1/2 cup serving. So I don't really see where 2.5 grams of fat equates to fatty spaghetti sauce calories. And every other example every item with the exception of the jelly could be bought with a WIC voucher.

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Food stamp fraud may be costing state $22M a year

If they are buying food with food stamps they should be told what they can and can't buy. Everyone knows that eating junk food causes other health problems, and there is a good chance that if a person is on food stamps they or thier children are also on the state medical plan.
Buying junk food is not cheeper. Ramen noodles may cost 15 cents a package, but how many people does that feed? The package says 2 servings but I know people that eat 2 packages at a time. I can buy a box of pasta at walmart for 88 cents and it serves 8. I can buy a can of spaghetti sauce also for 88 cents that also serves 8. A loaf of bread for less then $1 and a frozen pack of vegetable for under $1. So for under $4 I can feed an entire family of 8 an entire dinner. So that's less then 50 cents a serving including vegetables. Likewise I could buy a box of knock of brand cheerios, a gallon of milk and 4 lbs of bananas for under $8 and it would be around 16 servings. Again about 50 cents a serving. I could also make 15 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for under $4 total. Or a batch of split pea and carrot soup that feeds 16 for under $3. I could also buy a dozen eggs, package of cheese, tomatoes, and bread and make egg sandwiches for under $7 and feed 12 people lunch. When you have to make sacrafices you FIND a way.
My problem with people buying that "special treat" is that I don't get that special treat because I have to actually feed my family on a budget. I haven't eaten a steak in the last 5 years, I haven't ordered pizza in over 3 years. I totally have a problem with those recieving gov't assistance eating better then me, who actually pays for their own food with money I earn.

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Social service agencies dispute Douglas County census poverty rates

Just looked up how much a family can recieve in food stamps a month , "An individual living alone can get a maximum of $200 a month. A family of two can get $367; three, $526; four, $668; five, $793; six, $952; seven $1,052; eight $1,202." Now also take into consideration that a family that recieves food stamps with children under 5 is probably also enrolled in WIC (which is about $50 a child a month in benefits) and if the kids are school aged they also probably get free or reduced price lunch. So, If they have school aged children they could recieve $668 a month plus have their kids breakfasts and lunches paid for. So $668 just to pay for dinner and snacks for a family of 5. Now I know why all the families that used vision cards while I worked at Walmart during college as a cashier were eating better then me.
I am able to feed my family of 4 without gov't assistance for less then $400 a month. What could they possibly be buying that could justify them needing that much money in food stamps a month? And we wonder why obesity is a growing epidemic in America.

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Once homeless Lawrence family makes goal of having own place by Thanksgiving

I agree. They aren't even from Douglas County or even Kansas, but now the state and Kansas tax payers are going to be footing the bill for yet another child they can't afford to take care off. Lawrence family promise should concentrate their caseload of 4 families, to families that are actually from Lawrence , and not from out of state.

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Businessman challenging city on parachuting rights

When I have skydived I have also always landed back at the airport between the runways.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: YMCA shows interest in Lawrence; Punch boxing coming to Sixth and Wakarusa; Smashburger closes Lawrence location; a Marine party

It's too bad Smashburger charged the tax or I would have tried it out. I wonder how many other potential customers also never ate there because of the TIF.

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The owner of this water tower, which stands south of Highway 40 off of East 50 Road near Big Springs

at least the couch in the front yard is facing the right direction to sit on it and watch the destruction!!!

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KU officials say they're concerned about declining enrollment; fewer students on campus this fall

Lawrence Required Campus Fees: $71.49 per credit for enrollments of 5 or less hours. For credits in excess of 5 up
to 6 hours is $71.50. For enrollments of 6 or more hours, a flat rate of $428.95 will be assessed.
(classes with location of Lawrence Campus)

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How early do you begin your holiday shopping?

There is one off of old k-10 between lawrence and eudora. It's on the same road as pendleton's.

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