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Sound Off: There are two cabins at Clinton Lake State Park. Can they be rented?

There will be 7 cabins in total when they are done with the construction. 6 of them will be one bedroom and the very back one will be a 2 bedroom.

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Sound Off: If door-to-door solicitors have a valid city license, can they come to my door even if I

The golden rule?!?! I thought that was treat others as you wish to be treated. According to me the golden rule would apply that I would not want to be harassed by someone trying to "push" their religious beliefs on me or sell me crap I don't need. I have dogs and small children and have 3 times this week had my kids woken up by people knocking at my door trying to sell me crap I don't need or try to talk to me about the bible. One by some dude in a green shirt trying to sell me windows and siding, once by some dude with home security systems and once by 2 older men with some church.
Well I believe that people should be free to pratice whatever religion they see fit, I also should be granted the same right. I would NEVER show up at a strangers door to bother them and their family in their own home to try and force my beliefs upon them.
And I have tried not answering the door but they just continue to stop by my house several times a day until they make contact. And when they make contact and I tell them I not interested-they don't go away but continue with their stupid sales pitch.

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On Sunday morning, a gray Honda Accord parked in the 800 block of Massachusetts Street had a shatter

I don't condone the vandals behavior...but if you are dumb enough to park your car on Mass Street, knowing that if KU wins the game 40,000+ people are going to flood the streets to celebrate, you are partly to blame for parking your car where you know their is a VERY good chance it is going to be damaged. Just like tonight...if you don't want your car damaged, don't park on Mass. A little bit of common sense could have gone along way to avoid this.

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KU athletics department showing interest in west Lawrence recreation center

They should make an indoor ski area :D

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Senate OKs increased fines for Kansas Highway 10; bill now moves to House

If this family was really trying to improve safety on k-10 they would remove all of those crosses and the sign off the side of the highway. They are a huge distraction to drivers. I would bet that most people who drive by the display take a look or double look-leading to being a distracted.
No amount of laws or changes to laws are going to prevent people from driving high. But taking down those crosses could prevent the next sign looking distracted driving from killing another innocent person.

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Town Talk: Children's fun center coming to downtown; changes at Alvamar Country Club; architects release renderings of new design for 9th and N.H hotel

Didn't they just move a few doors down? I think they moved to where they are actually on Mass St.

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Town Talk: Children's fun center coming to downtown; changes at Alvamar Country Club; architects release renderings of new design for 9th and N.H hotel

If it is anything like the rest of children's public play areas, they won't let you just drop the kids off and leave. They will have to have an adult in the building to supervise the kids in case of an injury/emergency. I don't think this is going to opperate as a drop in babysitting service for your kids(unless they are over 18).

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Food stamp fraud may be costing state $22M a year

Let me guess you must be against WIC too. Since it tells you what items can and cannot be purchased. If you can have one gov't entitlement program that tells you what you can buy and what foods qualify and even the amounts and brand you are allowed to buy, you could very well do a food stamps overhaul that follows the same guidelines.
And as far as a child having an allergy to one food on the list-you would use common sense and purchase another food item on the approved list.

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