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Statehouse Live: Brownback defends closure of Lawrence SRS office; local lawmaker says decision wasn't data driven

When do "we the people" start insisting enough is enough and proclaim we're not going to take anymore so called "government policies" that only benefit rich republicans? When do we stand up and say "NO MORE"? When do we go back to the founding fathers of a government created by the people and for the people? How much further can we be crushed by gangster politics and corporate policies?

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Retiring Lawrence Police Capt. Ray Urbanek praised for ‘full service’ approach

Who couldn't love Ray Urbanek! Congratulations on your retirement! Now on to some fun!

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Ex-Westar executive to receive $21M

well is the customers didn't pay for it, where did the money come from?

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KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger discusses Arrowhead game, team rankings at Chamber of Commerce luncheon

At the Rotary Club, Zenger said that as of now Kansas Athletics needs the revenue from the game and can’t afford to pull it back to Lawrence.

Thursday, he struck a different tone.

“Everything’s under review,” he said, and asked that he be able to “live through a cycle” before making a decision. He added that he hadn’t even been to the game at Arrowhead yet.

KU can't afford to lose the revenue from the AH game?!?!?!? Haven't we recently witnessed what money mongering does to the University's reputation? Will wait to hear Zenger's reaction after he attends his first game at AH this fall. Then, pray he pushes to move it back home for good.

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Report: Kansas Athletics debt on the rise

"The documents filed with the IRS also indicated that the department paid nearly $2.2 million to the Orange Bowl in 2008-09, ranking the bowl No. 4 on the department’s list of highest-paid independent contractors. The expense reflected the amount of money the department spent on bowl tickets, which in turn were sold by Kansas Athletics."

The department spent $2.2 million on bowl tickets but no record of how much they were sold for or any accounting thereof. Maybe this should be next on the list to investigate to see what the return on investment was.

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Lester 'shocked' by Perkins' resignation

Miracles do happen! Now, let's get the report on the ethics violation and the ticekt scandel and make sure he doesn't get another dime from KU. For those of you who support Big Lew, I must question your business ethics. Building facilities and raising cash is nothing compared to the taint he has brought to KU. None of it was worth it since all we received was a HUGE negative spotlight across the KU Nation that will take years to rebuild the trust he violated. He didn't win us the National Championship or the Orange Bowl. Self and Magino accomplished that with their coaching skills and team players. Big Lew swaggered us right into the East Coast dirty business spotlight. Thanks for nothing, put the for sale sign out front of your house soon and go back to where you came from. Good Bye!

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Wayward pet found after 3-week excursion

Yes, later she posted signs around town with the dogs picture. Ruby and Carol have such a close bond, it's a Godsend they are together again!

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Branding irony

Love your post! If only the KU Chancellor would read these blogs Perkins would be gone now. I heard that KU season ticket holders were going to sue the Athletic Dept. I'd jump on board that suit in a minute!

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Report: Pac-10 after six Big 12 teams, not KU

But of course, tis to be expected - what is more important than MONEY???? Let nothing get in the way of the money machine....STAND BACK....we're following the cash!

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Will Perkins be next?

Mr. Keegan, If the Chancellor decides to cut ties with Lew, is there a contract buyout of any sort if he is relesed for cause? Will we have to pay him $3 million or more to leave the State of Kansas? There are cost considerations here, and I mean KU donations. My guess is, receipt of donations will be reduced substantially if Perkins remains at the helm of the Athletic Dept. I hope the powers that be are thinking about that revenue. There is a lack of trust and I find it hard to believe it will ever be regained with current management.

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