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Kansas unemployment rate increases for third straight month

I guess all those newly unemployed Kansan's can pay the corporations share of income taxes which Brownback passed off as one of the best tax plans in the US. Kansans now pay the 6th highest tax rate in the Nation. Pitiful to say the least.

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Kansas unemployment rate increases for third straight month

So, tax cuts to KS Corporations aren't creating new jobs like Brownbackistan said they would?!?!?!?

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Editorial: The right person

Even more troubling, the above-mentioned situations illustrate the unwillingness of Obama and his senior aides to be open and honest with the American public. Once a person does not tell the truth or tries to rely on half-truths, how can an individual ever have confidence in that person and believe he is telling the truth on other matters?

Dolph - you can't see the forest before the trees. Did you just answer your own question? Start off with Romney hiding his tax returns from the Americans he so desperately wants to govern. What's he hiding from the get go? Half truths???? Lord Romney doesn't even have those!

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Developers of hotel at 900 N.H. seeking financial incentives from city

If Doug Compton can't afford all the expenses necessary to complete the project, then why do my taxes help him cover the costs? Frankly, Doug Compton has never helped me pay for things I can't afford so I see no reason to help him out. Somehow, some way these incentives have to come to a halt.

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Developer requesting city assistance to build apartment building, art studios in east Lawrence

If the city wants to GIVE this guy $750,000 in incentives, why not support the local SRS office and help thousands of people instead of just putting the money in the pocket of one man?

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Developer requesting city assistance to build apartment building, art studios in east Lawrence

Ok, how about no more handouts to the RICH. Brownback and every other republican wants to put the kabosh on big government, no more taxes, and handing out to the poor. So why are the middle class taxpayers asked to continue to handout to the rich?!??! If you want to build the project, do it with your funds.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback defends closure of Lawrence SRS office; local lawmaker says decision wasn't data driven

When do "we the people" start insisting enough is enough and proclaim we're not going to take anymore so called "government policies" that only benefit rich republicans? When do we stand up and say "NO MORE"? When do we go back to the founding fathers of a government created by the people and for the people? How much further can we be crushed by gangster politics and corporate policies?

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Retiring Lawrence Police Capt. Ray Urbanek praised for ‘full service’ approach

Who couldn't love Ray Urbanek! Congratulations on your retirement! Now on to some fun!

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Ex-Westar executive to receive $21M

well is the customers didn't pay for it, where did the money come from?

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KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger discusses Arrowhead game, team rankings at Chamber of Commerce luncheon

At the Rotary Club, Zenger said that as of now Kansas Athletics needs the revenue from the game and can’t afford to pull it back to Lawrence.

Thursday, he struck a different tone.

“Everything’s under review,” he said, and asked that he be able to “live through a cycle” before making a decision. He added that he hadn’t even been to the game at Arrowhead yet.

KU can't afford to lose the revenue from the AH game?!?!?!? Haven't we recently witnessed what money mongering does to the University's reputation? Will wait to hear Zenger's reaction after he attends his first game at AH this fall. Then, pray he pushes to move it back home for good.

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