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Science, not promiscuity, explains quakes

Absolutely!! Of course, there has been "uncontrolled" testing of the Sedighi hypothesis throughout history. In the modern era, for example, one would expect a greater frequency and ferocity of earthquakes on or near nude beaches; or on or near Las Vegas and its scantilly-clad evening shows; or ... The problem arises in setting the geographic area and the counterbalances forces in each area, e.g., the Vatican vs the rest of Rome.

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Differing views

Souki and Chocoholic capture the intent and spririt of the Difficult Dialogue series in their comments.

The Behe lecture has been rescheduled for Dec 7 at 1:00p in the Crafton-Preyer Theater in Murphy Hall on the KU campus. The lecture will be followed by the panel discussion at 3:30p in the Hall Center for the Humanities.

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Differing views

With regard to the comment by anxiousathiest---a correction: Dr. Dimmick is not employed at the KU Natural History Museum, and has not been so for a number of years.


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