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Letter: Weapons tax

m_, who lives in yours?

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Letter: Weapons tax

Yes I know the definition. Your point?

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Letter: Weapons tax

First of all. when you come on this forum, please try to control yourself. I guess you would okay people owning nuclear weapons with your stupid reasoning. As to the definition of an assault weapon, I am not talking about baseball bats or a car or your hands. I am talking about an object that's purpose is the kill a human being and can be an automatic or semi automatic firearm. As far as your rant about clip versus magazine, the Merriam-Webster dictionary now defines a clip as "a device to hold cartridges for charging the magazines of some rifles; also :a magazine from which ammunition is fed into the chamber of a firearm". Seems like you need to bone up on nomenclature before get on here and make an ass of yourself. By the way, I am not a gun hater, I just hate ignorant people and you are an example.

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Letter: Weapons tax

Why make this so difficult? Make it a felony to possess an assault weapon and extended clips unless you are in the military or law enforcement.

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Letter: Price point

Skinny, you make valid points. I think they are lost on her because her letter is about trying to rub the GOP's noses in it. It's not about economics with her. I wonder who made her keyboard?

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Opinion: In defense of a much-improved defense

New Orleans, it's guys like you that make the rest of us look good. Texas did not walk all over us. They did out talent us at the end but that is due to the pitiful shape that Gill left us in. Next time, go to the game with someone that can explain it to you.

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14-year-old Lecompton girl sues Brownback administration over CO2 emissions

Go after those fartin' cows!

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Opinion: ‘I am one of the 40 percent’

I really appreciate Mr. Guth's thoughts. I too have abandoned my party of my youth. I was a registered Democrat during the late 60's up until the Carter Administration. I agree both parties have abandoned their principles. The Republicans now take their marching orders from the Religious Right as espoused by Ralph Reed.. The Democrats are mean spirited and paranoid and take their marching orders from Move-On and George Soros.
As Mr. Guth states, both parties are totally intolerant of dissent. The political system is broke and probably won't get fixed unless we have catastrophic events that force change.

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Lawrence artist miffed after Topeka restaurant removes Brownback painting

You are so right Cheeseburger! Why is it that the far left so often has to resort to name calling and be so mean spirited? They seemed to be so emotionally immature.

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Brown’s dark sexual legacy

The "new normal" indeed.

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