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Who would you put in the Kansas Hall of Fame?

Definitely not Kathleen Sebelius. Maybe John Riggins. How about Ross and Marianna Beach--two fantastic people who were fabulously generous with their philanthropy.

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Lawrence gas station owner gets caught up in national battle with Big Oil over future of ethanol

Laredo the same thing happened to a friend of mine. Filled his Duramax pickup clear full with gasoline before he realized what he had done. It was at a BP station in Ottawa. Had to have truck towed and fuel tank drained. Expensive mistake. Would have even been more expensive if he had tried to start it. If a diesel engine starts with gasoline in it you most likely will not be able to shut it off, as it will begin a very destructive internal detonation process that will literally melt your engine.

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Lawrence gas station owner gets caught up in national battle with Big Oil over future of ethanol

I have worked in the oil industry for many years. I read all the comments on here and some were quite accurate, some not so much. When ethanol first started being used a little back in the 70's I thought it was a good thing. Especially for farmers and this state in particular. As time has gone on and mandates have been put into place in some states for ethanol usage, there has definitely been a correlation between the mandates and the rapid rise in food prices. When roughly 40% of the corn crop goes into ethanol this is not surprising. As one person has already stated, ethanol is very corrosive. If your vehicle is designed for it (flex fuel), then no problem. However to go to E15 right now would be a mistake. Unless you have a flex fuel vehicle the cars are for the most part just not designed for it. Not to mention that small engines (mowers, weed trimmers, etc) should not have ANY alcohol in them at all. Now get ready. Starting probably late summer or early fall you will be hard pressed to find a non blended (straight gasoline) product. Unless you want to use premium, which is really better in small engines (mowers, etc) anyway. But make sure it is not an ethanol blend. Some stations sell straight premium and some have it with 10% ethanol. The problem in Kansas is the stations don't have to tell you if it has ethanol or not. Overall I think ethanol is not a good idea, but I am not saying that because of my job. Oil is going to be with us for a long time. I could tell you a lot more but this is getting long. Hope it helps some of you folks.

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Would you consider using nontraditional medical treatment?

Amen 2stuffedtojump!! Like the way you think!

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Letter: True conservatism?

Well said Don't-Tread-On-Me. The fact of the matter is that the lion's share of economic development is happening in red states, not blue. People are fleeing blue states by the thousands due to oppressive tax burdens and over zealous regulation. I'll take living right here in my little conservative red state any day. Anna Slemmer I am sure there are plenty of blue states that you would be happier in. Go find one.

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State officials working overtime to keep up with concealed-carry permits

Don't Tread On Me we are most definitely kindred spirits. The legislature passed Conceal Carry and over rode Sebelius' veto for one over riding simple reason--the people that they represent demanded it! Crime always goes down when conceal carry passes and Kansas has been no exception. I remember right after the legislature over rode Sebelius' veto and all these leftists were on here whining about how there was going to be blood in the streets and the Wild West was back again! Well guess what. It didn't happen! I carry all the time. Usually one on my person and one in whatever vehicle I happen to be in. I am in my 50's and most would never guess when you look at me that I make it my business to be highly trained and proficient with it. I have never had to pull it and God forbid that I should ever have to. But I carry it because it is my right to do so, and it is a right that is here to stay!! GUNS--WHEN SECONDS COUNT AND THE POLICE ARE ONLY MINUTES AWAY!!

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Letter: Police view

Mr. Livella what a great letter! This is how the vast majority of America feels, regardless of what the left tries to say otherwise. Our so called president flying parents around on Air Force One had to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Get over it all you on the left. Guns, gun rights, gun shows, right to carry--all are here to stay!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

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Opinion: Lawrence unfriendly to new business? You bet!

Ms. Goff you are the type of leader this community needs. I have said for the past 20 years that I sorely wish I could get a decent paying blue collar job in Lawrence without having to commute to Topeka every day. As it stands, I have worn out a few cars and spewed quite a bit of emissions out the tail pipe to get to a job that pays me a living wage so that I can actually have a decent type of life. I refuse to live in the arm pit of Topeka, so the commuting will probably continue until I retire. I am in my mid 50's now and probably could not get anyone to hire me anyway. Again, thank you for affirming my long held beliefs. Good answer to tomatogrower also. LOL!!

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McLemore declares for NBA Draft

I have mixed emotions on this one. On one hand I understand that he FEELS as though he has to provide money for his Mom, etc. On the other hand she looks as though she is capable of employment. I confess I do not know the whole story. But I do know basketball and basketball players. From that perspective, he needs a lot of work and experience. He is way too inconsistent as a player and not mature enough yet. Doubt he ever does much in the NBA except come off the bench for short periods of time. But he will certainly make some money doing it. To me some things are more important than money. What a missed opportunity to have a wonderful college experience with one of the best programs and coaches in the country. Oh well.

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

Good heavens I do believe I am living in a sort of alternate universe at times. LA cop Dorner was fired for LYING. Monroe was fired for FIXING TICKETS. I do NOT WANT law enforcement personnel lying or fixing tickets for ANYONE. These are fireable offenses and reek of dishonesty. Don't care if you are a "nice guy" or not. It is time to move on Mr. Monroe, the sooner the better. You should have learned your lesson and just went on to the next job. After all you are not barred from working in law enforcement in this state again are you? But in this day and age everyone has an ax to grind don't they? Get over yourself Monroe and stop the stupidity. Take personal responsibility and MOVE ON!!!!!

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