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District attorney files felony charge against man accused of killing dog with pellet gun

It's about time people started getting felonies on their records for mistreatment of animals. Long, long overdue.

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Concealed weapon disagreement leads to Kansas shooting

The good stories of owning and carrying a gun far outnumber the story we are reading about here today. I just finished reading about a couple who were threatened by a bat wielding nut in a Walmart parking lot in Minnesota. After asking the couple if "they had ever been hit in the head with a bat," the male half of the couple, who was the licensed carrier of a gun, drew his gun and demanded the man put down the bat. The nut put down the bat, ran away, and was later arrested. Perfect example of someone who used the threat of a gun to save themselves from harm. Guns--when seconds count and the police are only minutes away.

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Letter: Skip the raise

Our Federal Representatives have the ability to vote themselves raises, gold plated pension plans that defy reason, and all manner of perks. Federal Government employees in general have about the best pension plans in the country, bar none. Most of us do not even HAVE pension plans any longer. Then that same mindset filters down to the state and local levels as well. I offer as an example all of the states that have incredible issues with the financial health of their pension plans. Who funds all of this? The answer is obvious isn't it? This is an issue that should cross all political lines. It is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is a greed issue. So I ask you fellow citizens. Have you had enough yet? It is time for a non violent rebellion in this country against the greed of the so called "public servants." The answer lies in the voting booth. By the way, if you don't vote, shame be upon you.

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Top Democrat, Kansas governor's staff spar over court choice

I know and like Mr. Stegall. Three cheers to Brownback for appointing him. Awesome choice.

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The new Iwig Dairy Store at 622 N. Second Street in North Lawrence.

I certainly wish you every success in this endeavor. It will hopefully help you to pay your outstanding debts to the company I work at. God speed!!

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

This is absolutely ridiculous to have a vehicle like this. Just like it is ridiculous for DHS to be buying these things. DHS has an entire fleet of them and has been giving grant money to cities to buy them. What do they know? I think I know exactly what they are thinking, and it does not bode well for America. I'll just leave it right there.

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Kansas plans to appeal sex offender registry ruling

I agree with elliottaw and tomatogrower. There are several men who have to register as sex offenders who have had sex with girls in their late teens who know exactly what they are getting into, and to make those men be on a sex offender registry is asinine. Having said that, I have a close relative who was abused on a consistent basis by a local pharmacist in another town many years ago. This man was a "pillar" of the community, and got his jollies with little boys. He ruined several lives, including my close relative's. Back then he was run out of town but never prosecuted. If it had been my child he would have been run out of town and never heard from again, to hell with the consequences. Those types of people NEVER get well and are quite literally human debris. They should never see the light of day, and should always be on a sex offender registry.

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State government buildings to allow concealed carry of guns

Guns--when seconds count and the police are only minutes away. NRA keeps stats on all states, what crimes are committed, what their CCW permit system is like, etc. EVERY single state where there has been a CCW law instituted the crime rate has fallen in fairly significant fashion. Mental cases will go to where they know there are no guns allowed and no one will shoot back, i.e. Sandy Hook. That is exactly why ALL schools should have armed security or police. Armed teachers would be nice too. The numbers do not lie folks. We are safer with the guns than without them.

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Kansas Insurance Commissioner doesn't fit in GOP

I spoke with her surgeon husband recently, and I want to say here that I like them both and have great respect for them personally, while disagreeing with them politically. He is also a fan of Obamacare. I then asked him about the 45% of doctors surveyed who said they will retire before or shortly after Obamacare takes affect. He does not believe it will happen. I then asked him about the premiums going up drastically because of Obamacare. He responded by saying the legislation was long overdue and that it should have happened years ago. That did not really answer my question, somewhat of a dodge really. Well my wife and I were paying $592 a month for health care in 2008. We are currently paying $816 per month for the same care with the same company. That is an increase of 38% in the last 5 years. If it just keeps going up and does not bend the cost curve then I will respectfully submit we have been sold a bill of goods on this landmark legislation. I am willing to be proved wrong on this if I truly am, but it just does not add up to me.

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