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KU enrollment continues to fall while incoming students' ACT goes up

Does KU count online students? According to an article in the Capital-Journal about last year's numbers, the College does count online students in their total enrollment. It really doesn't matter. The College will continue to exceed our enrollment numbers because of our higher admission standards. We are not alone. The flagship universities of Michigan, Arizona, Virginia and many others are smaller than their land-grant counterparts, because of higher standards.

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Regents considering higher education budget for next session

I would argue that KU is already doing more with less. Look at other AAU university salaries and budgets. We are close to the bottom. If you don't care about the quality of your flagship university, than by all means, shout if from the rooftops. "More with Less"!

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Legislative college, university tour scheduled for next month

They might as well not even come to Lawrence. They are not scheduled to arrive until 2:30! Their day typically ends at 3:00.

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Legislative college, university tour scheduled for next month

I hope KU doesn't put much time, money or effort into this charade. These idiots have already made up their minds. What a joke this state has become.

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Editorial: Unsightly structure

The grain elevator in North Lawrence also makes a nice gateway to the city. Implode it or spruce it up. It is located right next to the visitors center!

I was in Portland, Oregon recently and they had painted a huge mural on a grain elevator leading into downtown. It looked pretty cool. At least, do something!

Lawrence is supposed to be the "City of the Arts". Here is a huge canvas that would change an eyesore into a work of art.

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Officials worry about effects of cuts on KU faculty

KU already ranks fifteenth out of sixteen members of the AAU Data Exchange. Topeka will probably mandate that we change our peers, so that we look better.

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Officials worry about effects of cuts on KU faculty

i read somewhere that the state of Colorado only funds about 3% of CU's budget. CU has responded with some of the highest tuition in the country. KU is heading in the same direction. Unfortunately, our legislature will never allow us to charge anything close to the amount needed to offset recent or future cuts. It is only going to get worse with the three new members of the BOR.

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Kansas among few states that cut funding to universities

Merrick just can't keep his mouth shut. Which is a good thing, because every time he speaks, he loses more votes. KU salaries are already fifteenth out of sixteenth in the AAU Sixteen Data Exchange. MU is last, but they are getting an increase. It won't be long before we are the bottom of the barrel.

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Editorial: Arts demise

You could have stopped after your first sentence, "Centerville doesn't understand."

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KU officials regroup after Legislature put brakes on health education building

Can you blame them for not wanting to stay in the state? Kansas is rapidly rivaling a third-world county.

My question in all of this legislative mess is, what is the KU Alumni Association doing? Are they sending out directives to bombard these idiots with emails, phone calls and letters? If they are, I haven't received a damned thing.

I'm a Republican, but these people have to be stopped. They are decreasing the value of my degree and the quality of life for thousands of Kansans. I would start be targeting Arpke, Rhoades and Merrick, since they seem to be the most hostile toward KU, and then move on the rest of the Koch minions.

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