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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

It's really very simple. Either you believe in democracy or you don't. Put the clean CR up to a vote. What is Boehner so afraid of? Why does he hate democracy? An up or down vote. What is so horrible about that? Either Boehner can't get the votes from his own party or he's scared of the baggers. Either way, poor leader or just plain scared, he is a poor excuse for a speaker. Up or down vote on a clean CR. Why do you hate democracy and America so much?

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

President Obama just needs to continually call Boehner out on this. Over and over and over. Keep ratcheting up the pressure. Ask him why he hates democracy so much that he no longer believe in up or down votes. Put the clean CR to a vote in the house. It's that simple. Either Boehner will do it or there can be no doubt who 100% of the blame falls upon. Boehner is done, the baggers think he's a moderate and everyone else thinks he's just dumb and scared to lead. What's scary is that Cantor will be the next speaker. Very scary.

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

So, if President Obama decides he wants a complete assault weapons ban added to passed and decided gun legislation then he can say he will veto everything and shut down the government if he doesn't get the ban and then say it's the republicans fault because they won't rewrite legislation that is already law?

Why does Boehner hate democracy so much? All he has to do is put the clean CR up for a vote and it will pass. Fact. So, both houses of congress and the President want a clean CR, but the oddly tan, smoking one is too scared of the baggers to even put something up for a vote? And we think all of the terrorists are foreign? These baggers are trying to destroy the country.

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Lawrence gets full-time navigator for Affordable Care Act

As a small business owner, I'm actually kind of excited that I may be able to afford to offer coverage to my employees because of the ACA. If a business has fewer than 50 employees there will be an exchange where they can set up coverage for their workers and will be eligible for a tax credit for up to half of the cost of the coverage. The combination of the market driving down costs and the tax credit may give a lot more people access to some form of coverage.

Now, all of you folks that simply think the ACA is "bad" but know nothing about the document, flame away!

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Downtown promoter seeks to close part of Massachusetts Street for free, outdoor movie

Or you could look at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder as an example of success in closing off a street for a pedestrian mall.

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Former downtown Lawrence piano bar converted into pool hall, tavern

Agreed. I'm guessing you can get a vendor to put the tables in for little or nothing and split the take. I'm guessing putting in actual drop-pocket tables would be a much more substantial investment.

Out of curiousity, where can an average player get play on a league in Lawrence? Don't have a team but if someone were short for a pool league I would be in.

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Lawrence officials question performance of charter virtual schools

Actually, I wasn't including home-schooling as an alternative choice in my reply. Most students would do well with the teacher-student ratios and opportunities homeschooling provides
As far as having a standard of not having tax dollars involved in an enterprise for something to be truly "privatized", you would be hard pressed to find an industry anywhere in this country that doesn't feed at the public trough in one way or another. I get a kick out of a friend of mine that brags about how he is such a free enterprise genius - 100% of his business is from local and state government entities. I guess it's all in how you look at it.
My point is that as soon as alternate access points are more commonplace and society as a whole are more comfortable with the process, public schools will be in trouble. If a kid can meet the standards at age 16 or 17 why make him show up 2 or 3 more years. The dream of Dewey and the progressives is dead. Standardized testing and the all-mighty dollar have made education no more than credentialing and, that being the case, why not accellerate the credentialling and make it more effecient? Once the view behind the k-12 curtain is seen by everyone, it won't take long for it to fall.

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Lawrence officials question performance of charter virtual schools

Once you consider (on the whole) the type of students that end up in alternative envioronments in education, it really isn't that shocking that their test scores are low.

The bigger issue here is that while the rest of the economy has been monetized to the nth degree, public education has yet to feel the bite. Their days and antiquated ways are numbered. Earning $50 - $60k/year with bennies and a decent retirement for a 180 day contract just isn't sustainable. And why shouldn't there be more options to educate our children than one with a calendar based on the lack of air conditioning (sorry, the agriculture thing is a bit of an urban legend). We have air conditioning now - work year round. Why are we letting billions of dollars in buildings, equipment and human capital set idle for three months out of the year? And why not let others take a shot at it? Once the kids are out of elementary school the entire enterprise is focused on athletics anyway - and it doesn't come anywhere close to sustaining itself once you figure in facilities, coaching, travel, equipment - it is, indeed the biggest "gifted" program in public education today -all funded with taxpayer money. We need more options, not fewer. The public school monopoly should end.

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Million-dollar meth seizure just one example of drug war in Douglas County

I suppose you could send a check to the World Company to pay for the content they have created, posted on a site they maintain and pay for (not to mention, provide a forum for you to rant on). Nothing is free, and if it is, you are the product.

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Opinion: Author interview represents new low

fox and msnbc are both entertainment networks. Once you understand that, it makes about as much sense to be offended by either of them as it does to get angry because tmz or mtv airs a show that you don't like. Entertainment, not news, not real journalism, not real journalists - just entertainment.

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