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Lawrence again delays decision on incentives request for Wicked Broadband

I just kind of wish they'd stop dragging this out. Say "no" already so RG Fiber can come in and do their thing. This is getting old already.

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Lawrence school officials weigh pros and cons of later start times for teens

Just realize that it doesn't get any easier as you get older.....consider the earlier start time and full schedule great practice for adulthood. I commend you for taking on the extra responsibility.

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"Speakeasy" open in downtown Lawrence; more on school boundaries near Rock Chalk Park

So. If families aren't going to be able to send their kids to the Lawrence schools in those areas.....then why is the City of Lawrence paying to create the infrastructure?

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Cashew chicken meets Southern comfort food

You have no idea how long I've been wanting to get a recipe for this! Like you, when I came to Lawrence and ordered cashew chicken I was surprised at what I received. Bamboo Palace is indeed very good.

Also, just so you know, Thai Siam also serves Springfield style cashew chicken.

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Fred Phelps Sr., founder of Westboro Baptist Church, dead at 84

I wonder if members of the Westboro Church will be picketing his funeral as well...

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Soda shop with 1,100 varieties plans to open on Massachusetts Street

Will you guys be carrying Taylor's Tonics? Those sodas are some of the best strangest stuff I've had.

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Knology changes its name to WOW!; lifts usage caps on Internet service

So what about the Gold 50Mb plan not being available in other packages?! I used to have both Gold Internet and every single channel you offered with no problems at all...

I don't get it. It seems like a step backwards if you ask me.

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Knology changes its name to WOW!; lifts usage caps on Internet service

They haven't figured out how to separate the video and tv streams, so if you're on the IPTV version of UVerse then you don't have to worry about the caps. They haven't been able to track mine for the whole time I've had Uverse, which is nearly a year.

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Knology changes its name to WOW!; lifts usage caps on Internet service

Unless you're on the IPTV version of ATT UVerse....then they can't seem to figure out how to separate the web traffic from the TV traffic, so they don't track your usage.

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Kansas Senate’s budget committee chairman filed for bankruptcy in 2010

What A choice to lead us out of the forest......dude couldn't even get out of the forest himself. What a pick.

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