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62-year-old Lawrence man enters a diversion agreement for fight over parking stall at grocery store

If they didnt say it was Dillons, everyone on here would assume it was Wal-Mart and start trashing it like they normally do.

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City OKs tailgating at Oread hotel

OK the Oread isn't technically on campus grounds but either is the Wheel or Hawk, but you can consider it campus. My argument is people need to stop complaining, these "drunk fests" as you claim they'll be have not even happened yet. So how can you claim property will just get destroyed? Parking is a disaster in that area even if the Oread doesn't have these parties so I dont buy your argument about the parking garage, thats what you should expect when 50000 plus people gather in one small area. I still don't get this fair play bs you are talking about? What isn't fair about this? The Oread is doing something to promote itself? They are letting the Sandbar have a party on a PUBLIC street, but you sure aren't complaining about that.

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City OKs tailgating at Oread hotel

How is this special treatment? Because the Oread was the first to ask to hold this thing? And isn't the Oread on campus? And isnt the Oread a business? I promise if any local restaurants were to ask to set up a booth at this tailgate party, the Oread wouldn't say no. They are trying to enhance the gameday experience at KU, and you obviously have some issue with that other than you dont think it's "fair", GMAFB. The roads could be blocked but you are one of the morons on here saying they shouldn't be. The issue is you just want to complain about something. If you dont like the party scene, thats fine, don't participate.

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City OKs tailgating at Oread hotel

Who is trying to drive around a football stadium on gamedays? Shouldnt you expect the traffic to be heavy? And people living in that area should understand that goes with the territory of living on a major college campus on gameday..get over it. What would you think if Memorial Stadium held 75000 or 100000 people? I fail to see why this is a bad idea. First of all, the majority of people going to the Oread will not be college students as they cant afford 6 dollar beers. Some of you people will never be happy in this world...and i feel sorry for you

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KU wants to alter 11th Street to increase parking for new Gridiron Club

Lawrence would be a crappy little town just like Baldwin or Ottawa if it werent for KU. Merchants in this town should be thanking Lew Perkins for the giant he is turning the athletic department into.

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KU wants to alter 11th Street to increase parking for new Gridiron Club

"sports sports sports"..."KU cutting into revenue"....If it werent for KU athletics alot of these downtown merchants wouldn't stay around. The amount of revenue a KU home game both basketball and football brings to Lawrence is insane. You people need to stop complaining and be thanking KU. Go sit in a tree or something.

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Lawrence manufacturer to close next year

i dont blame him...its sarcasm, but if george bush was still in office, the liberals would spin it to be his fault.

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Lawrence manufacturer to close next year

blame obama

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Sixth Street Wal-Mart to open on April 29; 235 to be hired

good lord. people in lawrence complain way to much.You Walmart bashers should atleast know what you are saying before bashing it. Considering I used to work there, id like to enlighten you all.- You would be surprised to know that management there makes incredible money. Store managers make 100 plus, Co-Managers make around 80000. And assistant managers are in the 60 range. There is always management positions open making it easy to move up in the company. not bad for a company that doesnt pay good wages.-To the moron that said all profit goes to china..haha ya not even close. Quarterly profit is split up amongst the hourly workers at each store. Again, know what your talking about.-If you dont like what WalMart stands for, dont shop there. Although I know most of the bashers on here have spent money at walmart in the past month.-Back to the wage point....janitors make 9.50. enough said.- The company pushes and pushes its associates to sign up for health benefits. If an associate working there doesnt have it, its only their fault.Do I need to keep going? People in Lawrence just love to complain about anything and everything. Get over yourselves. Rant over.-

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